Saturday, August 08, 2015

mahoney fury rattle

Squirrel plus bonus acorn today, bronze (or a reasonable facsimile)

I have a couple of ACTUAL quilt related thingies today, first, posted by the museum in Montana where the 'Piecing Together a Changing Planet' show is on it's 8-venue trip around the country~
This is their director completely ignoring my alligator behind him, and if you live in Montana you may not know to NEVER ignore an alligator.  Think I'll change the name to Accidental Alligator.  He is definitely an also-ran!  The show looks good, a very nice museum, and worth the stop when you're nearby.

Next, I got a message from Rosemary yesterday that I had a quilt in 'American Craft' this month, so I got a tad too excited and went racing out to find a copy.  The nearest Barnes and Noble is about 15 miles down the road (People here only read Kindles apparently) and I grabbed the only copy which was hiding behind 'Rod and Gun'.  She had said I was on page 18 so of course I immediately flipped to it and didn't see the quilt in the show she mentioned.  I thought she probably made a mistake on the page so bought it anyway.  When I got it home sure enough, there was an image of a quilt of mine in Southern Accents at the Ruth Funk Textile Museum, but not the quilt in the actual show, instead the invitational auxiliary show.  And the image was about 1" wide and maybe 1.5" high-  I may be exaggerating here, it was smaller.  I don't know how in hell she saw this tiny thing, I missed it completely, but if you have a copy, there I am up at the top-  you won't find it without a magnifier.  BUT I slammed that right onto the resume!  

With that unsettling news, I did manage to spend a few hours in the studio yesterday.  First up I vacuumed up the dead ants from the last spraying-  different ants, smaller, but I had seen some evidence of a new colony living under the refrigerator-  they are quite messy removing debris.  Then, after the mass killing and cleanup, I was able to sew on the Rusty piece for a good long time-  three bobbins full!  That's a lot of sewing.  By then I needed to get home to walk and feed dogs and husbands.

Taking a mental break-  NO MOSQUITOS!

Today I am charged with picking out a color for the garage doors.  Important business.  The painter gave me a sample card with 12 colors of bronze which are practically exactly alike except one is a tad lighter, the color of molasses, and one is a tad darker, black as pitch (as my dad used to say).  So I will close my eyes and point, the scientific method.  Things ARE progressing over there.   

Love the kitchen sink too-  almost big enough for me to take a bath in! 

And the front doors have arrived.  They even look good sideways, and in the dining room!

 They called me over to see the vanities with the tops on, and then the sinks too.  I had NO idea what I had picked for vanity tops so it was a surprise that I like them.  I do, however, LOVE the sinks, big square raised vessel sinks . 

The paint is done in the main room and up the stairs, and I think they made a mistake in the living room-  I wanted it white with a touch of gray but instead for the full out gray I'm using in other rooms.  I am gonna live with it-  won't ask them to RE-paint a 20' high room.  It looks great, just not what I expected.  So it's been fun seeing some action there.

Taking a break with some LEGO legends~

Attention all you fabric dyers:

Dirt Pattern Material is a camouflage pattern made from a selection of the most common stains from everyday life, such as blood, grass, red wine, bike oil, etc.  This pattern doesn’t hide the wearer — it camouflages their past. The disruptive coloration allows for new stains to be incorporated, continuing the design process and evolving the pattern over time.  Better Living Through Chemistry, I guess.

Tha, tha, that's all I got folks!  Have a happy weekend.

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Janet W said...

I thought that piece leapt off the page of American Craft. I noticed it immediately as it is one of my favorites.