Thursday, August 06, 2015

crandall leer emirate

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." – George Eliot

Squirrels can.

Had to get the dogs join to their grooming appointment this morning, then meet TY after his doc appt to discuss at a diner lunch of a Ruben.  Finally I was able to head off to the studio but no sooner got there than the phone calls started rolling in about templating the island in the new kitchen-  four calls, I couldn't believe it.  Last words from me to the fourth call were-  WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF IT WERE YOURS?  Met with silence, then a long explanation of what she would do, so I said to DO THAT!  She completely agreed and I didn't have to race over to the house again.

Barely got any work done, started sewing on the rust Tree of Life but ran out of bobbin thread so amused myself with getting some additions ready for the Falls collage, when I got the call that the dogs were ready to come home.  So of I went on another 30 minute ride.  One of those hurry-up-and-wait days.

Where I see DOTS in front of my eyes:

Canada-based Aussie artist Elspeth McLean uses random ocean rocks she finds as her canvas. Using a technique she calls ‘dotillism’, she applies as many as six applications of acrylic paint to infuse the material with as much colour and detail as she can, turning the oft-unnoticed pieces into intricate and mesmerizing mandalas.  How pretty!

Hey it’s Friday and it’s summer, so here’s Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica carving an awesome dragon head out of a watermelon. I especially love how he accomplished the details of the scales that seem to gradually emerge from the flesh of the melon. You can explore a bit more of Fatica’s fruit and vegetable carving here.

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