Saturday, August 29, 2015

zeroth ashame thrush

‘I think simplicity is the most powerful form.’   Nick Cave

The story is that this young soccer player  had a problem with this young squirrel because he repeatedly tried to climb up her leg.  She is taking his picture to shame him.  Bet he feels like 2 cents.  Bad Squirrel, Bad, Bad!

OK, my life the last few days has revolved around Erika, the almost-hurricane that is entering the Keys tonight and meandering along the Florida west coast causing pain and pestilence as she goes.  It could be lots worse, but her trip over the mountains of the islands ripped her up and took out some stuffings.  And here I am with enough toilet paper for the neighborhood.  I have spent the afternoon winding yarn so I have a no-electricity project, and I also brought home all my paints that could possibly be used to 'age' an aged table I had stripped and painted silver.  But the silver is a little TOO silver, and the table is all carved with leaves and flowers so I think rubbing some paint into the crevasses will improve the gestalt of it.  So, hopefully tomorrow if the roof hasn't blow off I will be rubbing umber and sienna into the lower parts and perhaps a Sparklier Silver onto the high parts.  Good thing I have a day because the foreman wanted the table Monday to drill the hole for plumbing and installing it.  Hope I get my act in gear and get it done.

Found out the ENTIRE lighting order was never placed, and spent 3 full hours trying to recreate it after six months of time!  Thought it was all taken care of, but 'somebody' screwed up big time.  Fortunately we were able to put it all back together finally because I had downloaded the listings back in February along with the pictures.  I'm going to be SOOOO glad when this is over.  I so want a house, just ONE house of my own that doesn't have boxes in all the rooms.  

Speaking of boxes, at the studio today I was waiting for another rug delivery and started basting the Big Slasher.  I got about 1/10th all sewn up with bright orange so I can find where I've been-  so boring-  I hate basting.  Probably it's brought on my the anxiety of knowing what has to happen next- QUILTING.  No wonder people tie these things.

Other studio news-  I got back my 2 pieces from the Southern Accents show.  The show closed last Saturday and I had the big roll from FedEx here at home Tuesday night.  I hauled it back to the studio and only one quilt fell out and I panicked until I unrolled it and found the second one nestled inside.  Both are smaller than I remember, and weigh a lot less too.  Guess my imagination ran away with me, but I do indeed have both back and thanks to an uber-efficiet packing and return team!  Of course I have NO PLACE to put them, the walls are lined with stuff for the house, so I rolled them back up and stuck them in a corner for my fall clean-up, throw-out, let's-get-our-life-back blitz of the studio.  Any takers to help?  Funny, I didn't think so.

heh hehheh heh

Let's see if I can find any art tonight:  oops, looks like I am fresh out right now so I will amuse you with a few things from a dark past-

Why, heaven forbid, this is an odd old artist who was experimenting with some linocuts she did of a dried corn stalk.  It appeared regularly over several years in collages, prints, and paintings.  Third photo should be banned from the inter webs it is so bad, but so what-  you guys don't care.  I had fun with these from the start, loved seeing what I could do with a print so I made a hundred I think. The top one was printed on painted canvas with a silver fence added over the top.  The second one was multiple prints of the same image with text added about the Corn Is as High..., and the third image is 2 12" squares with the print being done on fabric and fused down to canvas.  With more paint, more printed images, and some drawn work.  


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