Thursday, August 27, 2015

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“I believe in my work and the joy of it. You have to be with the work and the work has to be with you. It absorbs you totally and you absorb it totally. Everything must fall by the wayside by comparison.”
 (Louise Nevelson)

And today is Man Ray's birthday, how surreal is that?

Wish these were white chocolate, I'd bite off their heads!  But alas, they are more white ceramic, and that seems to be something I am attracted to because it looks so good with my overflowing sagging shelves of useless ironstone I collected for 30+ years.  But the collection doesn't have any squirrels and I refuse to actually buy any so they are collected on the blog instead.  Easier to pack...

The good news today is that the pool dig has started.  I stopped by to get some measurements for the 'secret room' under the stairs because I needed to know to find some comfy rugs so the kids will actually go in there.  Guess I better send out  a memo to buy bathing suits while they are on sale, know those critters grow out of them faster than the seasons change!  Anyway I am headed over to the house early this morning to see if anybody fell in our new hole.

After that I am headed out to do a bit of hurricane readiness-  need lots of dog food, toilet paper, and a few gallons of water. Probably another nothing BUT I sure would feel stupid sitting here in a house with no electricity (or toilet paper!) for a week if Erika does blow through.  The weather peeps are all a'flutter over the coming storm, they can barely contain their excitement.  And I don't even have a door on the new house, let alone have things battened down.  It wouldn't take much of a wind to blow in the temporary door and ruin my brand new floor I haven't even seen yet because it's covered with protective paper.
UPDATE:  The hole is now coated with gunite-  had three trucks there all day squirting stuff in, but they had to leave when the afternoon downpour hit and continued for hours.  Couldn't see the stuff, they had a plastic tent over it.

MEANWHILE:  We are on hurricane watch here-  Erika is on her way coming up the coast.   We have plenty of vodka and I also bought some limes.  No flashlights, no batteries, no window tape.  I have my charger plugged into the car just in case. And the pool will be toilet flushing water.  Still need some for tooth-brushing.  Today's project.

Here are a couple of art related posts that are quite different from my usual ones, hope you find them both interesting (the first video) and very disturbing (the second one).

MIT‘s Glass Lab has created a process for 3D printing with molten glass. They call the process G3DP for “Glass 3D Printing” and it operates with 1900° fahrenheit “kiln cartridges” as it prints the glass into computer-controlled shapes.

The artist Morehshin Allahyari has made a series called “Material Speculation ISIS” which are replicas of artworks destroyed by the Jihad extremist group.  ISIS has been systematically looting and destroying precious artifacts in Syria and Iraq.  In response to this, Iranian-born Allahyari has produced a series which stands as a reminder of her culture’s history. Artwork serves as a link to a nation’s past. The ideas reflected in Allahyari’s work include that by taking over a nation you also destroy their history. The act by ISIS shows that art and artifacts are still seen as strong examples of ideas which can sway a nation. ISIS firmly rejects idolatry and is one of the reasons so many statues are being destroyed.

Attacks on ancient cultural sites by ISIS in retaliation for what the terrorist group considers idolatry continue with the recent destruction of two ancient religious buildings in Syria. Both incidents, in Palmyra and nearby al-Qaryatayn, drew firm condemnation from UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova, who labelled the militants’ actions war crimes.
On Thursday, ISIS extremists drove bulldozers into the ancient catholic monastery of Mar Elian, demolishing its walls and leaving piles of rubble in their wake because it served as a place for “worshipping a God other than Allah.”

Less than 100 miles away, ISIS delivered yet another attack on the ancient city and UNESCO World Heritage site of Palmyra, which it has controlled since May. Yesterday, militants loaded the nearly 2,000-year-old Temple of Baalshamin with explosives and blew it up; its cella now lies destroyed and surrounding columns have collapsed, Syria’s antiquities chief told the Guardian. The temple, devoted to the Phoenician god of storms and rains, dates to the Roman era and was one of the best-preserved buildings in the city. Loosley, speaking to BBC, described its cella as “pretty much perfect” before its obliteration.

And with that dispiriting news I am off to batten some more hatches today.  The studio needs some fastening down and some plastic tarps over the more easily damaged things if the roof flies away.  Practicing the 'safe or sorry' routine!

A dear friend of mine left the planet Tuesday.  He was a wonderful talented photographer, a funny friend, and a plain old great guy.  He was a short-lived boyfriend back in the early 60's but we quickly decided that wasn't working and instead became lifelong friends after that.  I will miss him, but continue to use his made-up words for unnamed situations that have become mine after all this time.  And think him each time.  Thankfully I have a few of his photographs sprinkled around the house to think about, all with a quirky viewpoint.  Bye, Wil.  Thanks for being my friend. all these years.

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