Thursday, September 10, 2015

boswell choose asinine

 “You need a room with no view 
so imagination can meet memory in the dark.” (Annie Dillard)

One of the squirrels in my 'August' quilt from long ago.  These were cut from a piece of fabric of my mother's after she died and it had several different portraits of different backyard critters.  Seems I used the squirrels and lost the raccoons and skunks and foxes.  There were a lot of moves between my mom and then me.  She had another fabric with ducks and I know her intention for it was to make pillows for her family room that would go with the duck decoys that my dad collected and carved.  Those all got away from me too-  a friend told me he knew a guy on the Cape who would appraise them for me and I never saw them again.  Oh well, maybe somebody is enjoying them more than I would wrapped up in a storeroom somewhere.   Just a caution to give away what doesn't enhance your life and let it go!  No ducks!  I do still have a goose decoy that is quite old.  And big.  And without a stand so he lists to the left.  Maybe eBay?

Today I spent the second day at the carpet store and was desperately trying to find something more affordable and I was a raging failure since they showed me a perfect carpet for my bedroom and that had been a problem before today.  OF COURSE it's not affordable.  Or to use the rug guy's term, 'competitive'.  The whole second floor, 4 rooms, will cost as much as my bedroom.  I will be afraid to walk barefoot because maybe I will have dusty feet.  Anyway, I had to drive home in a raging thunderstorm and rationalized that this is my very last bedroom carpet ever (since assisted living places already have them installed...) and I would probably die on the road today anyway-  drowning in the rivers on both sides of the road if I had to stop because my tires went bad.  All at once.  And I was out of gas too.

So, I didn't actually drown on Military Trail, and I am glad I put the order in.  So what if I can't get a new bed-  the rug will be soft enough to sleep on.  Rationalization.  Works for me.

For 'art' today we're doing a little SPLISH SPLASH and I
ll tell you I am headed to the bag of unused inks immediately to play about.  These are so much fun to see.

 It turns out that watching paint mix is a heck of a lot more interesting than watching paint dry. French director Thomas Blanchard shot this lovely short of colored paints, oil, milk, and honey as they mix and bead under a macro lens. He says the video is intended as “an analogy of feelings such as anger, love, sadness and joy [as they] they mix and eventually ease.”   

And some gifs from Ruslan:

One of the masters of high speed liquid photography, Alberto Seveso, is back with a new series of photos titled Dropping. The Italian photographer achieved these particular shots by dropping mixtures of colored ink into a container of oil and then flipping the final images upside down. See several more from the series here.

German photographer Markus Reugels’  continued experiments with water splashes. It’s immediately apparent when looking at some of these recent photos from the last few months that his lighting, color, and timing techniques have continued to evolve, as each image is more impossibly complex than the last. See much more of his recent work here.

Or, in this case, NO coffee made me do it.

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