Saturday, September 12, 2015

virtue goodman impersonate

A nation is never finished... It has to be recreated in each generation by 
              believing, caring men and women. -- John W. Gardner

Another 'squirrel as lightbulb'.  I want all of them slithering up my walls

I happened upon a desk chair today when I stopped at Home Goods to treat myself for not biting the dentist this morning.  Unfortunately I got so engrossed in STUFF (like I need more stuff?) that I didn't notice the black sky and my growling stomach so by the time I hoisted the very wet acrylic chair into my overloaded car, it was sort of like driving with a full fishbowl in the back seat.  But I made it to the studio to 'off-load' and grab some of the images from my computer rather than continuing on my errands like I should.  Next, gas, bank, then pet food store, then grocery store.  If I could only stop dropping into places I mean to just be a few seconds stop...  I should make it home at this rate by dark!  But I got the blog done, and this one started to send along home for a little something to do when I can't see my knitting any longer.

I am still not sure when we will move in.  Last night one of my friends from RI arrived back in FL so we took her out to eat chicken livers-  a shared obsession- and stopped by the house to show her.  She was great-  very enthusiastic and positive, no stupid questions like WHATWEREYOUTHINKING? and she made a big deal over the all-rightedness of the toilets TY thinks are way too small.  Seems she has the same ones installed in her old and new houses and quite loves them.  Anyway it was the shot of optimism we needed since our complaining has gotten a bit incestuous around here.

Produced as a part of The Connected Series, Hearing Colors, is a short film that explores the life of Neil Harbisson, a man who was born with achromatopsia that leaves 1 in 30,000 completely colorblind. Through an antenna-like object implanted into the back of his head, Harbisson is able to gain a comprehension of the colors around him by hearing distinct sounds.  Bet THIS would make a whole lot of noise for him:  (from a 1904 bookplate)

Finally, a fully tattooed guy I like!  All of his art is animals going about their bizniz-  if I were younger (and hanging with a hipper crowd), this would be it---well, except for the facial hair.

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