Tuesday, September 29, 2015

corcoran advance annalen

  Always drink upstream from the herd.  Will Rogers

Some Old Squirrel spotted in an antique shop

Today I had my second appointment to spin in the Astronaut Chair.  It's been 2 weeks of misery and even though it was awful I was looking forward to seeing if it would give a bit of relief this time.  And besides, my regular doc had armed me with Valium to take an hour before my appointment and a second one 'as needed'.  I needed...
The spin wasn't as bad as last time, maybe because I knew what was coming and the tech was annoying me with a throw-up bowl-  told me he learned that trick in med school.  I made it around two whole times, each stop at the 'corners' got my head shook a bit, and finally I was righted and unlocked.  I sat around a bit but TY was waiting for me since I wasn't supposed to drive loaded up with Valium.  I'm supposed to take it easy for 2 more days and I've been cautious about what I reach for, what I pick up, etc BUT I]ll be damned-  I think it worked!  I haven't felt any dizziness since I got back this morning.  I am SO HAPPY!  I have so much to do that I've neglected all this time.


But perhaps it was the 'alternate therapy' I had this morning.  I went to my Stitch group and there was another meeting going on in the library.  Outside the meeting was a box of doughnuts.  I cut one in half and helped myself.  Went to my own meeting and it wasn't three minutes before I went to get theater half.  My first doughnut in 40 years!  Maybe THAT was what cures Vertigo-  I'm notifying the New England Journal of Medicine for further study I will happily volunteer for.

Pizza, anyone?  This 8" or 12" pie sells for $19.79 and arrives in 2 or 3 days.  And it won't be too spicy!  It's actually a realistic photo of a pizza, several flavors, printed on a marshmallow disk.  Why?  I dunno.  I can't imagine there was a call for them.  
Build it and they will come...I guess.

This is cool-  make sure and enlarge these to check detail.
 Australian artist Jane Long transforms cracked and faded black and white photographs into colorful works of fantasy, giving the subjects a new, and entirely surreal context. The images she uses for her series, Dancing with Costica, were captured over a half century ago by Costică Acsinte a Romanian war photographer who documented WWI.
The glass-plate photographs by Costica capture the straight faces and intense eyes of the subjects taken long before smiling was common in images. “I wanted to change the context of the images,” says Long. “Photographic practices at the time meant people rarely smiled in photos but that doesn’t mean they didn’t laugh and love. I wanted to introduce that to the images.”

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