Monday, September 28, 2015

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This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last. (Oscar Wilde)

Today TY and I went furniture shopping, an event for the books.  Usually I do an advance hunt and narrow things down to two choices for him, and lead him straight to his 2 choices so we can get right out.  He doesn't want options, he wants to get it and take it home.  He doesn't order something to be made in the perfect fabric, he gets frustrated that every color isn't right there on the floor.  Sigh.

Today we walked in the door and the first thing he spied was an alligator print black leather huge wing chair.  He sat, he fell in love, and I started gagging at the massiveness of it, the shineyness of it, and the curlycue legs and nailheads of it.  Finally I got him moved out of it and on to a more contemporary version, a lighter and more metallic leather, and out the credit card came.  Done.  We also got a coffee table and he talked me out of the gorgeous color I was coveting.  Compromise sucks, I hate it, BUT we got a big job done.  As soon as I can stand upright again, I will do another foray into the store, find the nice gal who helped us, and grab a few more things.  

Today at the house the electricians reappeared and hung the big great room piece and put plates on all the outlets.  The crew hung the front door again and the painters will be back to patch up the walls.  Progress.  

And now it's Ahhht Time-  Today we're gonna do amusement parks-  hope you have the time to invest in all this!  If not save the list for later.  I am only half through too-  taking a drink from a fire hose!

AMUSEMENT PARKS:  In Stefano Cerio's series “Chinese Fun,” he explores the facades of amusement without an audience’s reaction. The photographer enters areas built for fun and leisure in the off months or closing hours, exploring the absurdity that creeps into the architecture of entertainment when there is no one to enjoy it but a single camera.
Within the series the Italian photographer explores amusement parks, water landscapes, and sports grounds set in front of the background of gray skies and atop rain-soaked cement. The images were taken in the four cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Hong Kong, and show a colorfully decorated food stand with an anthropomorphic hamburger, an overflowing basket of fruit the size of a car, and various rides that look like absurdist pieces of architecture when not in use.

This morning I heard on NPR that Banksy is dismantling his Dismaland and sending the parts over to France to be used as housing for refugees.  SO, in honor of that, here are a bunch of short videos of the short lived amusement park! 
F*ck That: A Guided Meditation by Jason Headley;   (looks like this one was already take down!)
Bottle by Kristen Lepore;
New York Park by Black Sheep Films; 
Symmetry by the Mercadantes; 
Magic Hats by Jake Sumner;
Golden Age of Insect Aviation: The Great Grasshoppers by Wayne Unten; 
Walking on By by Mr. Freeman; 
Merry-go-round by Vladimír Turner; 
The Gap by Daniel Sax; 
5 mètres 80 by Nicolas Deveaux; 
I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up! by Dave Fothergill [with audio added]; 
Danielle by Anthony Cerniello; 
Anamorphose Temporelle by Adrien M. & Claire B.; 
Stainless / Shinjuku (excerpt) by Adam Magyar; 
Collapsing Cooling Towers by Ecotricity; 
Liberty by Vincent Ullmann [edited with audio added]; 
The Employment by opusBou; 
Yawns by the Mercadantes; 
Rush Hour by Black Sheep Films; 
Pug Particles by Ramil Valiev; 
Shell’s priceless Grand Prix moment by Greenpeace
 Living With Jigsaw by Chris Capell; 
Teddy Has An Operation by Ze Frank; 
Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared #1 by Becky and Joe.

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