Sunday, September 20, 2015

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"“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” ― Charles Bukowski

Sneezy wearing his own 3-D goggles, just like mine!

Something wrong with Blogger OR my computer OR maybe me... I haven't been able to type an 'F' in any word, and then all of a sudden it will type a whole row of 'F's' while I'm not even using the keyboard.  I haven't been able to 'cut and paste' (which makes blogging impossible for my set-up) or format anything.  Anyway, today it's working fine and away I go- sorry I have gotten so lax at this but lying around looking at the wall isn't very interesting, even *I* know that!   Which moves us to:  
Report from the VertigoWard:  Ugh ugh ugh.  Still a rockin' and a reelin' but I'm able to get around at least.  I went hunting for some zebra cupboard handles for one of the bathrooms because Anthropologie was out last time I looked.  They have big round spinning cubbies with all the handles separated by item and since I cannot look up or down without falling over, I went down on a knee to check the bottom first.  After I did find the 2 zebras, I had a bit of a struggle standing up but managed without anything crashing to the floor.  A little standing still and looking straight ahead and the spinning stopped so away I went.
Until that night when I tried to stand up from the couch and my leg collapsed under me.  Knee pain shooting down the front of my leg-  I hopped into bed with an Advil to sleep sitting up yet again.  This is the pits.  I simply didn't even think that the ear bones are connected to the knee bones...Next day I couldn't walk until late afternoon but reluctantly went to the movies with TY-  figured it would be an evening of sitting in the car and the movie-  how bad could that be?
Miraculously the knee pain was gone by the time we got to the theater, yahooo!  Then I found out it was the IMAX theater and we were seeing 3-D 'Everest'.  I just KNEW I shouldn't do this but we had met friends there and I didn't want to be the one screwing up the night.  In I went.


Warning, do not EVER EVER EVER go to ANY 3-D movie when you're in the middle of a vertigo attack.  I had to shut my eyes and simply not watch because so much of it was filmed from whirling helicopters over gigantic panoramas of those mountains.  We had ice balls coming at us, we had rope bridges swaying over a mountain cravass, we had too-heavy helicopters spinning in circles in midair trying to take of, we had avalanches, lots of flyovers, and an all encompassing freak storm.  Yikes.  And they mostly all die in snowbanks.
Everybody loved the movie but me, not that I was able to see much of it with my head in my lap.

SO, here's something a whole lot more pleasant and even though it's spinning, it's doing it in a Sandy-friendly way:
Optic Twist Screen #1
Blown glass, acrylic, steel cable, hardware.
120”L / 14”W / 96”H   2012

The “Illuminated Sculpture” is an elaboration on the Optic Screen #2. Originally conceived for the Collective Design 2 Fair in New York, and represented there by the Philadelphia-based Wexler Gallery, it is a modular, reconfigurable, site-specific lighting feature incorporating hand-blown shapes and solid-sculpted organic elements. 

Yes, it's an actual GLASS spinning wheel!

Andy Paiko, amazing glass artist!  Please check his website to see much more!

Bad news on the house progress-  now they are saying November 1.  This is making me very frightened because whole family, both branches, are due here for Thanksgiving.  I'm have trouble getting the beds in the house, let alone made and fluffed up and lookin' good.  I am bummed.  Tomorrow the little bubbler fountain is being installed-  TY's choice.  They installed a couple of chandeliers last week so my big oyster fixture is in the kitchen and I love it-  though without electricity it's difficult to tell much.  After unpacking my stove, the workmen discovered that a side and front of the hood are a completely different color-  more hold-ups as they fix that little issue

I wanted to get the bathroom papered before they have to attach the mirror and table to the wall-  too hard to paper around, so I said I'd get it done as soon as the wall fixture was moved.  Well, it got moved, the hole got patched, and all is ready for me BUT no way in hell can I climb a ladder to hang paper!  I don't know what to do, guess I have to find somebody else to do it, last thing we need is a broken hip and skull fracture to screw up this move.  I don't even know if the house could be called wheelchair accessible.


Today I managed to get to the studio and put in a few more lines of basting while the printer as busy on a couple of late jobs.  Seemed to be OK as long as I didn't look up from the basting , a little woozy, but when I tried it the other day it was just impossible.  So, maybe I'm getting better.

And, finally, pets and their people dopplegangers.

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