Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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“I’m not at all sure that the concept of the readymade isn’t the most important single idea to come out of my work.” (Marcel Duchamp)

getting Christmassy yet?  Not me.  Busy with the pumpkin barrage.

Bizzy Ditch still here, thanks for asking.  I did the chair spin yesterday and thought I was gonna die.  My little crystals haven't quite settled yet but they are sure better.  I had an eye appointment today, already scheduled, with a field vision test and that was awful too-  my eye kept twitching and it was making me really woozy but I got through it and dismissed for another four months that I whined into six months since things hadn't changed that much.  I had Molly at the kennel at 7:30 AM for her glucose test, but she wouldn't eat and they couldn't proceed until she did so they called me to come fetch her.  Pepper started his hookworm pills for the fourth time.  And I went to the bank-  all before 8:30.  And it poured all day long-  we watched the pool overflow.

Then tonight I had a ticket to a workshop down in Palm Beach.  There is a woman there who builds incredible frames and mirrors and chandeliers out of massive shells and I was so happy go get to go, but was worried about the rain and being able to drive all day.  Then at 4:30 the skies cleared, the rain stopped, and away I went!  Easy peasy.  We only had 2 hours and she supplied ALL her shells for us to use, whatever we wanted so I piled on as many as I could:

Mine turned into a Bohemian Rhapsody of a small frame.  I will remove the cheesy postcard and find an appropriate picture when the glue dries.  It was fun, and I hope to go back and make another one
Truth be told I was channeling my mother who was a 'professional' Sanibel Shell Collector.  She was out on the beach the minute a storm passed gathering shells even at 3 AM with her flashlight, taking them home and soaking them and cleaning them, and then putting them all into little boxes until she had perfectly graduated sizes of every native shell on that beach.  We would go visit her and she was SO disappointed she didn't capture me in they pursuit. I felt very bad about it but I just wasn't interested after a few times walking with my nose in the sand for miles.  When she died she left a giant cabinet to the ceiling with many tiny drawers all perfectly labeled.  I got a shell-something for every holiday-  frames and mirrors and boxes, oh my.  They are all in the top of my closet.  I gave away all the shells AND the cabinet they were in to a friend of hers.  And I took this class as a tribute to her.  Frankly she would have HATED this frame because she was a perfectionist and none of these shells match each other.  These shells are sometimes broken or chipped.  They are pointy.  
But I had a bit of fun thinking of how Geneva was laughing at me tonight.  

So now it's time for you to laugh too:  Lets start with Bloggin' Barbie who is currently leading a more exciting and stylish life than we are.

The anonymous wedding photographer from behind the @socalitybarbie instagram account may be delivering one of the greatest social commentaries of our time. The familiar pseudo authenticity and inspirational life quotes that flood Instagram are all so present in our daily social media lives, and, this us just what Socality Barbie seeks to address. The account is full of snaps of Barbie at the trendiest coffee shops, draped in bohemian blankets, or looking flawless at the beach. Part of the inspiration stemmed from the Socality Instagram account itself, a group which describes themselves as a combination of “social natural tendencies assembling in communities”, which may seem vague at first, but delivers a very specific and distinct aesthetic.

Pets mimicking their human family.  They say your pets look like you.

(Having some trouble with the first point.  Things are piling up)

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