Sunday, September 27, 2015

peacetime whatnot confession

The unforseen event, the 'accident,' the unexpected all play a very large part in my creative play. I prefer to let the materials suggest the direction of a work. (Burnell Yow!)

Today's assignment was to find 13 knobs for the laundry room cupboards and drawers- I am under deadline to have them by tomorrow so I've been searching all weekend for that number.  The room is kind of red/orange and the cupboards are white, the floor is very light beige-white so I wanted something fun.  So I went to Anthropologie-  the scene of the knee out of whack last week from poking too long in the bins!  There wasn't 13 of much that didn't come out to $20 each but I found some sorta Portuguese multicolored knobs in three or four different patterns so I'm going to mix them up.  Perhaps someday I'll find a Portuguese plate for the wall but for now they will look good.  Mission Accomplished:  doot doot do doooo.  Ig yeah, this story just sort of spilled out-  the Squirrels above were the Anthro window display as I was waiting for it to open!  

I just dropped them all off at the house and was there all alone and quiet for a bit.  I love the sunlight going by in the afternoon-  much more light all day than we have now-  maybe I will be able to read again!  I spent a lot of time patting my new stainless countertops, cannot wait to use them.  I also put the burners together for the stove even though it's not in place yet-  fun to pat those too.  Wonder how long it will take to have me make a mess of all this pretty stuff...AND I opened the bathroom wallpapers that I have been really nervous over.  Seems they match beautifully with the bathroom countertops and aren't nearly as bold as I had built it up in my head. And I like it more than I thought I would.  So far it's coming out just fine, and I only hope I am over this ear thing asap so I can unpack and settle right in!  

I WILL miss having a personal private dumpster though.  

We went out to dinner last night and everybody was scared of what I would do! Actually I got through it fine, was hoping for a nice round table for 6 but instead was the center guy in a big booth so talking to anybody on my sides was really difficult.  But I really like the guy across from me, a very old friend from Newton, so he got an earful and I had to just nod and smile at everybody else.  I'm gonna have a lot of making up to do after my crystals settle, damn them anyway.

I've found some Ahhht for you that is deceptive-  it's actually ceramics, so look closely and read the blurb.  Amazing work.

CERAMICS THAT MIMIC WOOD:  Ceramicist Christopher David White (previously) accurately captures the decay of wood through ceramics, portraying the distinct character of the natural material from the fine wood grain to the light ash coloration at the pieces’ edges. By utilizing a trompe l’oeil technique, White forces the viewer to take a closer look at his work while also investigating the truth hidden in the hyperrealistic sculptures.

Don't forget the Super Moon and Eclipse tonight!

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