Thursday, September 24, 2015

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“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” 

with a sweltered/sweatered squirrel and an oak leaf
and copius glitter

OK, time to launch into today's complaint.  Remember when we were moving stuff out of the condo back in July?  We watched as the moving guys, all seemingly bright and knowing their jobs, divided up our possessions into two loads-  one load coming to Florida when we were ready.  The other load staying in storage until the time we find a new condo up there.  There is also a third load that we put in another moving company's storage when we cleaned out the place to get ir ready to sell.  So, we called them with our time we will want the stuff down here-  one load from the mover's storage, and one load from the previous movers.  
Apparently my storage facility looks something like this.

While packing and moving things to the truck they were VERY careful to put the things coming to FL in the front of the truck and all the things to stay in MA  together in the back of the truck.  The idea being that first stuff off would be in the back of the storage unit and it would be easy to grab the FL stuff right away.

Seems it didn't make it into storage that way.  It's all jumbled.  My lists of things are indecipherable:  lgbx, medbx, smb, DOS chair- things like that.  He does however spell out- 'large aluminum ladder' and 'very large mirror', not distinguishing between three 'very large mirrors' I have, some staying, some going.  Oy.  So much for me dividing up all that stuff into careful piles.  I don't see how to figure it out other than going up there and living in the storage facility and going through all the damn boxes!  

(I just wrote something very angry and removed it)

GLASS:  London-based artist Elliot Walker uses molten glass to create a stunning variety sculptures including these arrangements of eating utensils, vessels, and cross sections of food. The stark outer surfaces of the surrounding objects contrasts with the vibrant interiors of the edible pieces, not unlike the effect of a cut geode. Walker currently has work at the Peter Layton Glass Blowing Studio as part of their current exhibition titled Essence. You can see more photos of his work on Facebook.

Warning came too late.

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

Glad to see someone else photographing fortunes atop a cutting mat. So much of my stuff is photographed there. Sorry about the packing/storage woes. Bleah.