Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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'Long ago, when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was  called witchcraft.   Today it's called golf.'   Will Rogers

At Anthropologie NOW.  If you love the squirrel.  Supply your own nuts.

Had to be in the doc chair getting my blood let at o'dark thirty this morning and of course they let me know my veins are slippery again.  That took three tries and two nurses to figure out and I told them they would have problems before they started using me like a tomato pin cushion.

Plus then I was in such a hurry to get there I missed my coffee and din't have to pee, so I sat there watching HGTV and drinking grape juice and water for a half hour until I could try again.  Tomorrow I go for my chest X-ray and then Friday I get to spend with the actual doc for his battery of shots and assaults on my person.  I am a very bad doctor-goer, in fact I skipped last year all together except for the dog bit incident.  We'll see what bad news he can dig up for me .

I ran over to the house on my way home this afternoon and they are busy re-installing the front door in the CENTER rather than 6" off center.  They picked this up, I could care less at this point, certainly could have foregone the rebuild of the front of the house to accomplish this.  And of course the inside is now a mess again too.  They are good at patching but it's also a huge lot of work, new crews, new cement blocks, new side rails reinforced with rebar.  Dust.  Plasterboard.  Paint.  Patched floor.  Ugh.

In the positive column, they hung my range hood, or at least the part of it that was the right color-  the slant part at the bottom.  The flat part directly above is the wrong blue so we have to wait for that before things can proceed.  Today I found a cupboard that I loved-  one of those reconstructed Indonesian painted pieces.  But it's really green, yellow green and doesn't go at all with the blue-green stove so I have to let it go...  OF COURSE I could give it a bit of the Faux Sandy paint treatment to get it bluer but frankly I have too many projects going already to take on something else.  TY will kill me with another list of things I need to do to make this all work...  

1904 Tesseract, the prettiest colors ever.

Since I'm not producing any ahhht, and that's what you want to see,today I have found some cut paper sculpture that is amazing.  Embiggen these pictures because the detail is amazing!

  Straddling a line between 2D and 3D, paper artist Calvin Nicholls forms carefully cut and layered paper sculptures of animals that seem to break free from the surrounding matboard and hover just above the surface. To achieve the haut-relief effect, Nicholls first works from a drawing which he uses as a template for the various paper components. Using an X-ACTO knife, scalpels, and scissors he then carefully cuts pieces of paper and glues them in place. Each piece can take anywhere from a few weeks up to two years depending on scale and complexity.  Seen here is a collection of artworks from the last year or so, but you can explore hundreds of additional pieces on his website.

Pass the cicerones, please?
no carbs... and hey, it's gluten AND dairy free

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