Sunday, October 11, 2015

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Let us read and let us dance – two amusements that will never do any harm to the world. (Voltaire)

Somebody somewhere must need something like this? I do love his tail flourish.

So, last night I bit into a spoonful of RICE and my back molar crown fell off. (I will NOT entertain any comments about my rice-cooking abilities here!)  So I am sitting here looking at the poor tooth-without-a-mouth because naturally these things happen on Saturday night.  So far no pains and I had my coffee so I will wait it out and call the dentist in the morning.  Tomorrow is chock full of things I must do so I probably won't get into the dentist until Tuesday.  I have an appointment to find replacements for the too-expensive rugs I picked out at 9, a meeting at noon, and then my (hopefully) last spin in the astronaut chair at 3.  When the happened just a few weeks ago I ended up with an emergency root canal and I do NOT want that to happen again-  I am scared.   
I'm not sure how a visit to the dentist will work-  I get sick if my head goes back, am still sleeping sitting up.  Might have to get into that dusty bottle of valium.

I've had a life-long affair with dishes and collect them with abandon.  When I see interesting things done with traditional shapes I kind of love it-  What is it about these dishes I love so much?  My mother used to have this pattern in red-  didn't like it then, but love how it's sloughing off these pieces!

Artist Livia Marin’s Nomad Patterns is a series of classical ceramics depicted in a most unconventional manner. Her representation of the destruction of ceramics is fascinating in the sense that she has chosen to use melted ceramics rather than breaking, chipping, or shattering them in the way they are known to do. In this sense, she has brought a sort of silent, unconventional destruction to the ceramics in her series.

Mary O’Malley is a New York based potter trained in traditional English and Japanese techniques. Her work is primarily an ode to her craft and an homage to her childhood spent by the sea. However, it is also structured around delicate binaries involving the human need to search for beauty. She states:
“The technical difficulties I began to encounter when enveloping the service ware with ferocious and unforgiving aquatic life got me thinking about a common need we all have to control our own representation of beauty. There is so much fastidious control involved in creating each one of the Bottom Feeder pieces, but with ceramics there is always a margin for error, and some degree of control must be sacrificed. The composition of barnacles and crustaceans populating each piece, the way the iron oxide discovers every nook of the creatures I’ve created, the way the tentacles warp in the firings, etc., is always a surprise. I’m never exactly sure how anything’s going to turn out.”

My parting shot today is this Pizza Accessory-  yup, it's a pouch you can stick your pizza slice in for walking around, if that's what you do when you eat pizza. I cannot imagine that your slice would be pulled out without leaving all the pizza-goo inside-  but hey, it's not my problem is it?  YMMV

Might be your next date!  Hope he brings along a pouch of pizza for you too.


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As Andy Cohen always asks, "is he dating anybody??" pizza pouch, omg!