Saturday, October 10, 2015

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Truthfully I've never seen a black squirrel, don't think they live in New England or in Florida.

In this new endeavor we are seeing the art world from different perspective entirely!  I've always been a seller and up to recently I've managed to move a good percentage of my work through galleries or shows I've been in without any real marketing attempts.  Now we are in the position of buying a piece or two o art, so yesterday we had a team from a gallery here in town over to the new house to see some of the work we liked in their office.  Then today a second gallery we had visited came over with different pieces for a look.  Since there isn't anything in the house yet except a scaffolding and a fork lift, we had plenty of room to see these pieces in the places we want them to be permanently.  I have TWO I love-- love--love, TY I think is on the same wavelength but would be a lot happier with just one.  The issue now is price because I think we might be in agreement.  I won't post until they are ours but OMG, I LOVE one piece in particular and there is a whole different artist who did a whole different thing that absolutely 'goes' with my first choice.  Stay tuned.  

It's kind of nice to not be worrying about toilet paper holders for $86 any more.  I KNOW I can find something that is cool AND affordable but maybe we will have to start out with a roll on the floor for awhile.  Found some $9 holders today in Home Goods that were perfectly serviceable but didn't have any towel racks to go with them, so the hunt continues.  I will invest in art, I will NOT invest in toilet paper holders.

So, lets talk about sloths, eh?  Not just any sloths, we have here 
TATTOOED sloths:

A whole collection of SLOTH Tattoos, in fact.  I don't get it.

Next we have someone with a strong artistic bent, great colorations and so much like paintings!  No, I don't want these either, but looking is OK.

Ondrej Konupcik is a Czech artist offering organic and original watercolor brush strokes and ink splatters on a tattoo. He depicts explosive impressive animals like hawks, foxes and wolves but also other simpler objects. Customers don’t choose from catalogs when they come to Ondrej Konupcik, each drawing has to be almost custom-made. 

Your word for today, I'll try to make it mine.


Melanie said...

We have black squirrels in the Bronx --
which is in NY --
which is technically a mid-Atlantic state,
and neither New England nor Florida.
I read somewhere that black squirrels are an evolving sub-species.


LA Paylor said...

I saw black squirrels this summer in Dayton, and upstate NY
kind of unsettling... whats that?!

Sharon Wildwind said...

We have tons of black squirrels in Calgary. A couple of decades ago, about six escaped from the Calgary Zoo, and interbred with each other (and we think) the local grey squirrels. Currently, in our commons area we have about 6 black squirrels and 2 grey ones. That’s about the ratio you’ll find all over the city.