Saturday, October 31, 2015

albeit carfare woo

Some people who look at abstract art say 'I could do that.' 
A good response is, 
'Go ahead but then you'll be accused of copying.' 

Before I get going on the regularly scheduled program, I have a couple of goblins that need to be addressed in honor of the today being HALLOWEEN!  Where we live now there are no children coming to the door and I do miss the little kids, not so much the later group who no longer have to draw beards on their faces-  they grow them!  
And steal pumpkins.  
But these guys are still little enough that dad or mom is lurking in the shadows to wave at as soon as the booty is stashed and the kids are off to the next house.

The Vampire family, and Mister Pastry!

Candidate for some stomach staples.

Big News here in Troubled Internet Land-  Remember last Saturday a week ago that I spent with my internet fixer-  to refresh your memory he found FIVE HUNDRED GIGABITES OF MUSIC hiding in my computer and started to dump it because truth be told I do not even like much music!  Not mine, however, the file could not be opened but it could be eliminated.  He fussed over it awhile and got it all in the trash and it started eliminating itself. After waiting for a couple of hours it became apparent that FIVE HUNDRED GIGABYTES does not disappear quickly.  We decided that since it was working in the background and the computer was finally not frozen up that it should be taken home.  The next morning it was still trashing, but it seemed to be taking a long time-  A couple of day went by with the GIGABYTES going down every day a little bit.  Finally I hit only six figures to go, then a few days after that 5 figures until yesterday when we got into just the hundreds of gigabytes remaining.  Last night before I went to bed it was 500+ left, this morning it is right now ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR so I must sit here watching the numbers slowly go down because it looks like today that we may hit zero.  
NOW it's 99!    Home stretch!

Meanwhile, of course, more trash has built up and is waiting to get 'filed' but I'm not adding a thing until all the gigabytes of music are disappeared.  Am thinking I should buy my guy an ice cream cone to celebrate.
92, 91 

So, I bought my new fire extinguisher for the studio-  the Fire Marshall is such a pain every year.  I will take my old one to the house because he said it's good for years but he can't certify it for the industrial park because it's too old-  five years.  He also cited me for my light switch without a cover.  I used to have one but when the homasote went up they cut a square hole that the plate wouldn't fit over.  SO this weekend I worked away at the area with my box cutter and after much sweating I cut a hole big enough for a switch plate-  damn that homasote is tough to cut with dull blades!   I installed the switch plate and I am READY for my new Fireman pal (and believe me this one didn't pose on any calendars) to return any old time now.  Fire Safety, Smokey the Bear, and all that.  What I cannot do is move all the stuff for the house so there is a clear path to the electric box-  that will have to wait for the mover guys.  Fortunately one of my offending bookcases is on wheels but  at this point I have no where to roll it.  And the Fire Guy started telling me how they will come in with AXES and just knock it all over.  I questioned why they would do that because then they would have to crawl over all that mess rather than just rolling it out of the way and he got a bit peeved.  You don't want ever to make them just may need to make that call some day!  So now I am Fire Safety Princess of my building.

Since I last featured works by collage artist Eugenia Loli her works have popped up all over the place from Wired Magazine, New Scientist, and a recent series of 5 collages for Cosmopolitan out next month. The nurse-turned-programmer-turned-journalist-turned-artist first began exploring digital collages in 2013 by scanning images from old vintage magazines and science textbooks that she assembled in Photoshop and shared on her Tumblr. You can follow more of Loli’s work on Instagram or Facebook, and she sells prints and other things in her shop.

(Oh boy, we're down to 79 just while I was loading pictures!)  This is like driving your car around the block ten times waiting for the odometer to flip onto a big number ending with zeros... except I am going the other way looking for just one zero!

More Irony

London-based artist Rachel Dein of Tactile Studio has spent the last few years perfecting the art of plaster casting, an admittedly straightforward process of pressing objects into clay and then filling the voids with combinations of plaster and concrete. However Dein’s time spent as a prop making apprentice for the English National Opera, The Globe Theatre, and The Royal Opera House, has greatly influenced her techniques, elevating a simple craft process into something else entirely.

We're at 60 now. Sixty gigabytes ain't all that much!  

Want to stay with me until it hits the mark?  56 now, I'll go get coffee and see if I turn my back it will go faster... You don't have to wait with me, 56 must be a helluva big file...  I need to go find something else to do.  

UPDATE:  10AM-  we are down to 27.  I'll hit 'publish' when it's zero.  Almost there!

UPDATE #2:  I was on the phone and the screen went dark and I MISSED it!  But I am now back with an empty trash barrel.  So I guess this is the end of whining for a day or two, at last about this.  

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