Tuesday, October 13, 2015

doreen deliquesce mask

“And if you ever do a survey, you’ll find that people prefer illusion to reality, ten to one. Twenty, even.” (Judith Guest)

plaster squirrel, good for nuthin'

A bit of 'gooder' news today-  I went to bed feeling terrible from my spin in the vertigo chair, woke up not knowing how I was going to make it through the day but by noon I was starting to rally and not feel that awful reeling-feeling.  Again, the chair works-  maybe not immediately, but FINALLY and that's OK.  I had a meeting at the house, my Stitch bunch, and I had to do a food shopping-  all stuff I can't do with vertigo.  But I got it done and felt fine JUST IN TIME to get to the dentist to have him fix the crown that fell out.  Fortunately this one didn't result in a root canal like the last one, just a dab o' glue and a few minutes waiting for it to dry.  Done.  They tried to catch me for some deep cleaning but I put that off until things are more normal in my (HEAD)space.  Ha.

TY is on his way back from Dallas-  I didn't get to see him frolicking on the football field after the Patriots won, but he did.  They had a fab time and I would have too if I wasn't inundated with crap for three days.  I need a vacation.  I am thinking maybe a few days at the local Ramada would do it since all I want to do is lie there and not answer the phone. Maybe I could call it 'detox' and people would leave me alone? 

No art today unless you call watching the guy put up the wallpaper 'art'.  Seems I need another roll for him to finish so that's what I've worked on finding tonight.  That and getting a delivery rescheduled because I THOUGHT that we would be in the house by now graciously answering the door and bringing new stuff in.  Again, Ha...  

Remember all the way back to... yesterday?  I showed you some art by  Tim Noble and Sue Webster made with piles of junk that form a cohesive shadow when the light is positioned just right.  Well, here's a something similar but different:
Artist David Oliveira works with wire in an unconventional way by cutting and twisting the material into sculptures that could be mistaken for 2D sketches. Despite the apparent difficulty of shaping wire into a recognizable form, Oliveira manages to achieve uncanny proportions of his animal subjects in this series of sculptures from 2014. Viewed from one angle the pieces could be mistaken for a chaotic jumble, but a shift in perspective reveals the squinting eyes of lions, or the spread wings of a pelican.

And finally I found the most amazing cockatoo video today-  don't give up on me yet-  I have always wanted a cockatoo but it's too late now!  So I watch cockatoo videos.  Meet Harley who seems to have a thang for cups:

Isn't he amazing?  So sassy!  So smart!  So darn beautiful!

Leaving you now with these vintage human Halloween costumes plus horse costumes.  Thank goodness these guys don't come trick or treating here-  I don't have a pumpkin full of horse candy!  

OK, I'm outta here, taking my new old tooth and my old twirling head to bed!  Tomorrow will be better AND I have nuthin' important to do so I will go watch the wallpaper guy. 

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