Friday, October 16, 2015

onset flourish portrait

The winner's edge is not in a gifted birth, a high IQ, or in talent. The winner's edge is all in the attitude, not aptitude. Attitude is the criterion for success. (Denis Waitley)

Pretty fancy schmancy plate for squirrels, eh?

Today I stayed home and cooked.  I made a great Boston Butt pork roast in the slow cooker-  used up a few more of my Hatch Chilis and let 'er rip for about 6 hours.  I shredded it up and immediately stuck some aside to freeze so we would have some another night with added BBQ sauce and some pickled something or other.  Nothing tastes better than a pork roast.  So I got the cooker cleaned out and immediately started a giant pot of Bolognese sauce and it's simmering away now-  by morning I will add some more wine and let it boil uncovered to thicken up and then bag that up into usable portions-  I think this recipe would serve 12, and that ain't gonna happen!  We do have friends coming Saturday night so that should make a dent in the supply.  
It's a cookin' marathon!  I did two little chickens to pick at yesterday-  we like the big chunks in Indian dishes or Chinese, a big pot pie, or even Chicken salad.  The picked over parts are for the dogs who enjoy their rotisserie birds whenever I have them.  And the bones are already boiled down to a thick concentrate I will use for everything imaginable-  to drink for lunch, pilaf, to moisten the chicken chunks, and then to make matzoh ball soup.  After we get done with that the dogs slurp up the last of it happily over their kibble-  so that's quite a few meals from one roasted chicken.  
The cooking binge ends tomorrow with a bunch of cupcakes I will make-  our friends (actually relatives) both have birthdays coming up and with cupcakes I won't be picking at them after they leave because they will be frozen and saved for emergency purposes.  
Aww, stop it-  that's a slice of my full and exciting life.  Pretty soon it will be back to being all about sewing, and THAT is boring!

Coincidence of the day?  You be the judge.

 Naked hyperrealist sculptures made out of polymer clay. South Korean artist, Choi Xooang, uses the human naked body as a mean to express pure emotions. The artist doesn’t represent his personal state, he is trying to extract collective emotions.
Choi Xooang manipulates the outcome of his sculptures, enabling us to relate faster to the point he is making. It’s easier for most of us to connect with a human body than a painting, or an abstract sculpture. The characters are bold and skinny. Attributes that accentuate our vulnerability. The artist, by using these shortcuts, has us standing in front of his pieces with all our fragility and our compassion at the surface.

Renoir Protest:   In what can only be described as an expression against one man’s impressions, Boston-area dissenters with ample amounts of spare time coordinated a diminutive rally outside the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston last week.
Organized by Northeastern University law student and activist Max Geller, the small group consisted of a dozen or so people waving ironically artless signs that said, ”God Hates Renoir,” “Aesthetic Terrorism” and “ReNOir,”The group was demanding no less than complete removal of all works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir from the walls of the MFA. The museums owns many works by Renoir, including the quite famous Dance at Bougival, 1883.  Mr. Geller’s complaints against the artist include improper proportions, garish colors, and the age-old accusation of being unable to properly model hands and fingers. “Treacle Harms Society!” one angry placard read.

Like the placard says, 'Treacle Harms Society', but
didn't they do a good job on this noodle soup vest?
Like a Christmas Sweater you can wear all year.
If that floats your noodle.

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