Sunday, October 18, 2015

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 ‘…creative people are driven by a compulsion to make things and be seen — especially by their peers — and this can make us vulnerable. Truly creative people tend not to be motivated by money. The riches we crave are acknowledgment and appreciation of the ideas that we have and the things that we make.”  Linda Redding

Sent by one of my Florida buddies.  Slippers just like mine.
And to go along with it, in the same vein:
Also from a fellow maker.

Major progress here, today I actually took a walk with the Walking Nazi!  We haven't been doing that much, and I hope to revive the habit this fall. She has had a bad cold and hasn't been out and *I* have been like a falling-down-drunk wherever I go.  As long as I have somebody with me to divert traffic as I try to get up...

Yesterday was a great day-  I shopped all day for things I needed-  ironing board cover, new mop head- fun stuff like that, but I managed a quilt stop in my fav store and WOOOOO-  there was a suede tee shirt that perfectly matches the sample of my stove I carry around!  Yeah, suede-  I won't be able to go near the stove in it but I'll stand around nearby and hope the pizza delivery comes in quietly so people will think I did it.  My shirt matches my stove, imagine...  how cool is that?  

These animal-shaped pieces are all created by iWood  (China’s Guangzhou iWood Crafts Co., Limited.) and are sold and exported by several different companies under various brand names such as Other, Essence and Nordic Creations. More Here

MURALS:  In its fifth year, WALL/THERAPY continues to transform Rochester, New York through art and neighborhood intervention, using elaborate public murals to inspire and bond communities. Not only are the images provided for the community a way to inspire the areas that they are placed into, but the walls on which the artists create their work are also resurfaced and rehabilitated, bringing a literal therapy to the murals’ structures.
This year the 14 murals were focused on the themes of surrealism and the fantastic, with work ranging from a gigantic superhero casually sitting on the side of a building, to a gigantic whale swimming within a whale-shaped bubble. Each also varied in size and location, with murals wrapping around corners of brick walls and scaling vertically to the top of buildings.

Camo, at that!  I think I would probably camouflage a fish with something a bit more watery or rocky or bubbly.  But what do I know...  (don't answer that!)

Cutest Crow on the planet.

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