Monday, October 19, 2015

verlag dana breathe

Today the power company dug a trench across our new driveway to get power to the people (us).  The ugly temporary power stockade thing came down, the red dumpster was moved to the street side, and the painters were there touching up the outside columns.  Inside they took the protective paper off the floors and did some cleaning plus the electricians were there hanging the last of the chandeliers, still some bathroom fixtures to go but that's not immediately important.  It's starting to look more normal, almost like a house!  The grill is out of the dining room and into it's spot outside and the pavers have been installed, just need some odd sizes to make borders.  The wallpaper guys are due this week too, and next week the carpet comes to the second floor.

I won't feel like we're at the end until they get the port potty out of the yard.  Oh happy day...  

Meanwhile we are having dog pee problems with Molly. She is older than I am, had diabetes, and loses it every now and then, like twice this week, once on the bed where she sleeps!  Don't know what to do, so tonight she is being introduced to the crate.  I'll put it right next to the bed so if she gets distressed I can get her outside quickly.  We'll see if that works.  I'm sick of cleaning up pee , can't even yell at her because she is embarrassed enough. HOWEVAHHH, if we move soon I do not want her peeing in my new house!  Next step is diapers.  Shoot me now...
Hmm, there's always duct tape.

Today I got the catalog for the show I'm in opening in the Netherlands-  it's really nice, excellent photographs and good layout with several pages for each piece.  I'm with some good people there.  This will then travel to France but it's a short show there.  Maybe someone else will pick it up.  Some nice pictures of the other opening I'm in this past weekend-  one of my friends even posted one of her in front of my piece for me!  That's the show at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton MA.  It's a good one too if you're so motivated.  It isn't nearly as much fun being in a show you can't attend!  AnOther Fun Fact is both these shows are using quilts from the same series of mine, Tune In Turn On Dropcloth, to in the Netherlands show, Two by Twenty, and one in the Fuller show.  They were all done (along with two others) from a drop cloth I used on the patio while spray painting the backs of a whole slew of decoupaged plates I was making. The drop cloth was so cool that I spent a few years worrying about it and finally got out the scissors.  If you're interested, you can see them all, including the two still at the studio, but looking at the menu above for the 'Quiltish' tab and scrolling down about 13 pieces.  They aren't in any particular order.  I was glad to finally get these entered in something-  I had put them on the guest room walls as I finished them and there they stayed until I remembered they had never left home.  Thankfully they got into the shows I entered-  the other two were in a local show here this summer so now they have a resume.

 Artist Jacqueline Poirier, who refers to herself as “the crazy plate lady” and is the Artist-in-Residence at the Toronto Ritz Carlton, creates amazing plate paintings. Her work includes celebrity portraits, nature scenes and incredibly realistic meals that look good enough to eat. In an interview with Instagram, Poirier admitted her fondness for her food creations.
I think they are my favorites because they seem to be the most realistic. …They appeal to the masses (vegetarians included!) and act as great conversation pieces around the table.”

                  Skydiver Record:  202 skydivers in formation, 9/29/15  

Wonder what will happen tomorrow.  Hope I can cope.

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