Monday, October 05, 2015

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Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.
 (Zig Ziglar)

Injured baby healing nicely, thank yew...

Every day the vertigo lifts a bit and I'm pretty much back to normal except for a wave washing over me now and then.  So, I am now back to House Mode, dealing with workmen and little things gone wrong or unattended to.  Time is getting short finally.  Still no word on my missing table however but I did manage to find a picture of it from the manufacturer with the retail price just in case we get to insurance issues.  Trouble is I don't want insurance, I want the damn table!  Sigh.

In my so-called art life, let's just call it a lull.  I am grumpy and feeling useless because I don't have an art project to think about 24 hours a day.  I just love when an idea hits and then gradually creeps into every neuron and takes over. The plan is there and then the modifications start-  reasons to change this part, ideas to add to another part and so on.  Then the gathering of stuff which might be my most favorite bit of the whole process.  Grabbing this and that and holding it up to other things, seeing what works and what doesn't work and watching the piles of rejects grow to amazing proportions and the pile of accepted bits grow along side.  Refining designs, refining choices, doing a mock up, drawing the plans- fixing and playing around.  

Oh dear, I'm getting sad just missing doing the work!  A few more weeks to go, then our move into the new house will keep me busy, then holidays, then, then, then...  not the kind of stuff I want to be doing.   So as a weak substitute I supply 'youse guise' with art I find that makes me wonder or makes me jealous or makes me mad!  And here are today's:

These make me holler YESSSSS!   LUNA turns your home into a magical world! It’s a lamp with adjustable luminosity that can hang on the ceiling and create a soft light anywhere in the home. The lamp comes in seven different sizes and is water resistant, heat resistant and ‘crashworthy’, with artwork inspired by the moon. While LUNA doesn’t claim to be topographically accurate, such care has been taken in its design that it certainly looks like the moon to me!

While we are out there playing with the planets and moons~

In “To Scale: The Solar System” filmmakers Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet spent 36 hours meticulously creating a seven-mile-wide scale model of the Sun and eight planets of the Solar System in the Nevada desert. The model, which Gorosh and Overstreet say is the first of its kind, uses a model of the Earth the size of a marble and correctly scales both the sizes and distances of the planets from the Sun.

Jabba the Hut as lawn decor.  Save us all.  Jabba lawn ornament:   ThinkGeek has released an officially-licensed inflatable Star Wars lawn decoration resembling the vile gangster known as Jabba the Hutt. The six foot tall polyester lawn ornament, which also lights up, is available to purchase online.

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