Tuesday, October 06, 2015

eight triac blonde

Heroism, the Casucasian mountaineers say, 
is endurance for one moment more. -- George Kennan

A little nut dish and picks.  Not child friendly.

TY was so bored sitting around here nursing a painful muscle strain that he took me to Palm Beach for lunch.  No, I don't wear Lily Pulitzer or a headband-  jeans and tee shirt were fine because we went to our favorite Middle Eastern place where they call TY, "Mr. Boston".  We bought two platters of food and came home and noshed all afternoon.  I had choices of four, yeah FOUR(!) different thicknesses of phyllo dough and I really like the 'country style' as it's thicker and more rustic to work with.  Brought home some for the freezer for the upcoming holidays-  the traditional Thanksgiving Boereg, ya know.

Have I showed you my stove?
Just ran over to the house to check on what's being done today and they have finished the coping around the pool and put in the rows of glass tiles around the inside edge.  Happy Campers here.  I just wish it were faster...
The tiles match my new shirt I got the other day- the one that matches my stove~ hope nobody throws me in!

And the fountains-  the little one for the front door, the bigger one for the big back window that needs something to look at.  And hey, they match the glass tiles in the pool that matches the stove that matches my new shirt from TJMaxx!  It's a theme.  What has become of me...  yikes!

Trying something a bit different today, we're talking about stippling. The first two guys use pen and ink and dot after tiny dot to give texture and depth to their work. Amazingly, painstakingly, agonizingly slow work!

Stipple Art: California artist Kyle Leonard, who draws stunningly detailed stippled art with millions of dots, is inspired by the natural world and politics, especially the politics that affect the way we treat the environment. “I draw everyday as a creative outlet and for the meditative quality of it.”
Leonard goes on to say that he is “inspired by many different artists like Escher, Haeckel, and street artists like Alexis Diaz and phlegm. I spend about 6 to 100 hours on each piece depending on size and complexity. My main method of drawing is stippling but I also use cross hatching.”

Patience and Discipline:  This project is a collaboration between Rémy Boiré and I, Xavier Casalta. After meeting through our passion for typography, we decided to experiment with a collaboration where we could learn from one another.
Bore: "I am a 22-year-old artist. I have been practicing pointillism for over a year now and discovered this technique by chance while I was learning typography and wanted to experiment with something else other than solid black letters. This time-consuming technique (4-8 dots per second) is interesting because you need to look closely at the illustration to realize that it’s made of thousands of dots."
Rémy is a 23-year-old freelance hand-letterer and graphic designer who also works on illustrations to explore new horizons when he’s not working for clients. He always keeps typography as a starting point. Through this collaboration, we wanted to express the importance of careful planning and craftsmanship. But ultimately, we wanted to show that anything was possible with hard work, time, and commitment; hence, Patience and Discipline. To create this illustration we met several times over the course of several months and worked for over 300 hours. Once the sketch was done on the 22×30 inch sheet (56×76 cm), I started the dotwork while Rémy worked on the linework.

Toucan by Ana Enshina
I always found it strange that artists create very beautiful but complicated pictures, like hyperrealism, to show something, that people can easily see themselves.  So I just tried to create paintings reflecting the character of different animals using a very simple technique. For me, it’s not important, how art is made, but the most valuable thing is what people feel when they look at the painting.Maybe my paintings consist only of dots, but these dots tell everything I want to tell.
Gem Carpet dots:  Suzan Drummen, an artist based in the Netherlands, creates expansive art installations that use thousands of tiny dazzling crystals and other shiny objects to create elaborate mandalas and textile designs.

and sometimes they let YOU off.

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