Saturday, November 07, 2015

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"If you're not doing what you love you're wasting your time." —Billy Joel

Everything that's going is packed, taped and labeled.  The moving guys are here today rolling down the truck ramp now and the dogs are barking their heads off being locked in the bedroom.  I haven't had my coffee yet but Ty did go get me a Starbucks breakfast sandwich so I'm set until afternoon.  Three guys tried, we'll see who lasts longest.

Yesterday's move of the stuff coming down from Boston went pretty well, it only took about 2 hours for them to get it all inside in piles AND my dining room was with them!  Unfortunately they didn't do a scheduled pick up of more stored stuff up there so now they have to come back again with the other 16 boxes.  After 10 or so I was busy unpacking and setting things in cupboards and hide holes because there are still teams of workers there every day.  Yesterday while all this was going on the carpet guys were in putting carpet into the master bedroom and closets, so today I can start setting up my Fabulous UNShared closet, first time in 43 years I will have a closet to myself.

Well, except for the studio.
From my cousin I don't know.

6 PM Moving Day Report:  If it hadn't been for a friend who showed up here early AM I couldn't have done this.  It was a helluva day.  The movers were superb-  three guys who worked their tails off in 90 degree weather.  We packed this whole little house in the truck, then took off for the studio where we spent another (almost) 2 hours loading that stuff, then to the new house where we discovered a herd of Mexican stone workers had pulled up the papers to my double wide front door-  meaning we had to load everything in through the small door to the garage.  Double Doors Be Damned.  They took most of the day but did a nice job with the pavers then hosed it all down so it was wet and the movers wouldn't use the door anyway because they didn't want to track in the sand.  

Tomorrow I go back and fix the bed that two of them wrestled with putting together.  After they left I noticed they reversed the two sides and that left a ragged bolt hole on the outside of the frame.  Easy (I think!) to switch them.  

Deb and I unwrapped box after box of crockery and if you ever need help moving I'll give you her number-  she doesn't fool around-  she grabs a box and is through it into time and then stashes the item somewhere.  No questions, no rearranging, no having a better plan or whining-  just gets on it.  And STAYS on it!  What a worker.  Anyway, I am in such a mess over there, must get there early to straighten out what needs to be done.  Make beds, that sort of thing.  

Doesn't look like we will be in the house for Thanksgiving, I could cry.  But I will work right up to the deadline and do as much as I can.  Dammit.

My heart ain't in art today.  Hope you can find your own to talk about.

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Susan said...

Don't envy all these shenanigans at all, but to be cheery. I did make your watermelon pickles and they is wonderful. And they are all mine, because the mister doesn't care for them. He would rather eat a bought pickle.

They are mine, and I thank you.