Thursday, November 05, 2015

disputant electrolysis astronomer

“Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.” (Malcolm Gladwell)

Today was hell.  There were trucks swarming the house, they started the landscaping (see little tree outside the kitchen window), the top arrived in the right color for the stove ventilation,
we had three different deliveries not counting the several that arrived at the old house, so somebody had to be at the new place waiting all day.  Sounds good, eh?
But wait.
I didn't yet mention the painter standing on a two story ladder way up at the tippy top of the wall with his can of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.  Doing final touchups.  At least until the whole foci' can flopped down the two stories onto the FLOOR that was completed and oiled this past weekend.  It's a great floor with gooves all over it that absolutely reached out to absorb the acrylic paint.  When I arrived there were six people on their hands and knees swiping at big globs of thick paint with tiny stiff brushes.  And funny thing, paint sure does BOUNCE before it permanently lands-  OF course this happened night over my black dining room so now it's a Dalmation dining room.  They have to repaint the dining room tomorrow-  they cow;don't get the white off without rubbing through the black.
We took this in stride, as they had told us they may have to replace that part of the floor if redoing the finish tomorrow doesn't fix it.

Then, tonight I was in the house waiting for the last delivery when we got a call that the new gas company cannot hook us onto the line that is already there for FOUR WEEKS.  That puts us at early December, right?  And until that gas line is hooked up we cannot get our CO.  The gas company told TY that the contractor should have known to give them a month's notice...  Remember that my whole family, nine of 'em, are coming here for Thanksgiving and now we find out we cannot LIVE at the house...And no way in hell can we be at this tiny house.  Sure, we can go out for Thanksgiving dinner but what am I supposed to do with the other twenty three meals for nine people?  That's two hundred and seven meals I cannot make.  WTF.  
Hoping that we can somehow reach someone at the gas company who will push this through.  Tomorrow's challenge for the contractor who says he has never in his 30 years of building nice houses encountered this.  We need SOMEBODY who knows SOMEBODY who has a BIL who knows a GUY...

Artist David Oliveira works with wire in an unconventional way by cutting and twisting the material into sculptures that could be mistaken for 2D sketches. Despite the apparent difficulty of shaping wire into a recognizable form, Oliveira manages to achieve uncanny proportions of his animal subjects in this series of sculptures from 2014. Viewed from one angle the pieces could be mistaken for a chaotic jumble, but a shift in perspective reveals the squinting eyes of lions, or the spread wings of a pelican. The Lisbon-based artist also creates vast interior installations of birds and thoughtful examinations of the human form. 

A bit more irony.

For three hours in the middle of the day I was at the studio making a couple of collages for above my desk.  The adjoining room is black and white leafy wallpaper-  the pointy things I cut out of the wallpaper and made into wreathes and very old shooting targets from Brazil that an old frowned in Boston gave me a long time ago.  Anyway, Joann, finally I did something with some of them!  
If I had a gun I would shoot at the rest!

These are closeups, the mounting paper is very heavy watercolor paper and they measure about 22"x30" +/-.  I am hoping that they complement the wallpaper and bring some pointy parts to the alcove with my desk.

I guess the Good News out of this setback is that I can't put my head in an electric oven and expect anything but to get hot.

Moving company coming to pack up this house tomorrow, then there is the opening party in the evening so I probably won't post for a day or two.  If you don't hear from me don't worry.  I'm doing that for all of us.

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