Wednesday, November 04, 2015

memorabilia alveolus pittsburgh

“In acrylic, happiness comes a bit faster.” (Robert Genn)

This is in the current Crate and Barrel catalog-  cute, eh?
Well, maybe not if you're not into that sort of thing.  

Today the cockroach vanquisher is coming to spray INSIDE, something he has neglected the last couple of months because our land line changed numbers so he couldn't reach us to make an appointment.  I argue with this excuse because he is always here in the neighborhood and know he could have knocked on the door at any time.  Grrr.  So he sent me into a week of chasing a current 'family' in residence.  They seem to appear for a second here or there, disappear, and then in a few hours show belly-up with legs still kicking in some far away bathroom.  I do not want to KILL them, just dissuade them from living here.  I kill enough other critters by accident-  this morning it was a big snail who lost it's fight for survival to my giant foot that hit it by mistake.  I get so upset when that happens.  Meanwhile I eat chicken without a thought...

Today I got up an hour early (some clocks haven't yet been attended to) so I am really ready to get to my stitch group this morning.  I felt so stupid missing it last week.  Also tonight I attend the Armory Art Center Salon evening where they have artists of different disciplines talk about their work.  It's a pain to get down to West Palm by 6:30 but I intended to go all last year and never get to it-  this year I am making a point of getting involved with them.  My local art center is very good but they aren't very involved with the craft end of things and that's what I really want.  They do have some excellent painters and lots of shows. And they have been very good about accepting my quilts in and list them as mixed media paintings (!).  One piece last year I had one at with a can of leftover spray paint and I guess they took it to heart because I got a second place. Wonders never cease, do they?

Also on today's agenda is to get a load of more boxes so the packing will go smoother.  It's hard to consolidate stuff without boxes, ya know...  makes for a whole lot of car rides to get stuff over to the new place.  And it's official, this weekend we can move in our stuff in spit of not being able to 'live' there for who knows how long.  

I look forward to moving my stuff this:

In Lyon, France is the Musée Miniature et Cinéma, a 5-story museum containing over 100 miniature film sets. The tiny scenes were produced by world-renowned miniaturists and contain the highest form of Hyperrealism in order to trick the audience’s eye into believing each set was indeed life-size.
The handcrafted models contain all the minuscule features that would be found in the film’s actual scene, from fake mold inhabiting peeling walls to scratches seen behind tiny bedposts. The props in the museum’s scenes are also placed with incredible accuracy, disheveled books in libraries propped against each other at just the right angle, and miniature Charles Eames chairs that would even fool the designer. Accurate within these scenes is also their relationship to outside light, windows accentuating or distilling the light to position the set in the right time of day, geographic location or season.

For his series of experimental photography titled Impermanent Sculptures, photographer Vitor Schietti worked with fireworks and long-exposure photography to illuminate the branches and stems of trees in his native Brazil. The photos are a mixture of in-camera light painting, and a bit of post-processing that can combine up to 12 shots into a final image.

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