Sunday, November 15, 2015

so barberry civic

  “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” (Author unknown)

Just got home after working for over 8 hours climbing ladders, hauling boxes, bending and stooping and lifting and reaching.  My poor old body aches from hair to toenails (blue today).  The more boxes I open the more I realize I am desperate to get rid of stuff-  when it converges from 3 sources and you end up with an entire drawer full of unburned candles in all sizes and shapes, you know there's trouble.  The guys who packed apparently weren't discerning with the books they threw in-  first thing I must do is take a load to Goodwill-  I don't have shelves any more-  we dragged a big chef into the bathroom where we are storing all the coffee table books, huge heavy things we can't quite bear to let go so we will have something look at while we're wasting time on a toilet.  Not to be crude...

I started hanging some pictures that had obvious homes, but I'm still walking around with try-outs from room to room.  Whatever doesn't get hug is out, no exceptions.  My cool kitchen shelves that I was so happy with are now cluttered and messy as I keep unwrapping more stuff and setting in niches.  I bought some E6000 and have been fixing things as I go along, making MORE stuff to add.   I really need to just get things out of boxes, stuffed into a nook or a  cranny and then go through it all AFTER the family leaves.  TY today ordered a cooked turkey for me so that's off the plan.  I will have plenty do do and it's nice not to have to worry about a giant bird under the circumstances.  

We have a guy coming to help with some assembly projects tomorrow-  the movers didn't put my bed together correctly. TY needs a big ole CD rack put together, and my stainless steel table arrived and I cannot lift it myself to add the casters.  That should send him screaming down the street, but it will sure help.  Then we still have to move the furniture from our current place to the new place-  fortunately not too much 'chowder' left any more-  bare minimum just so we could live here until the CO comes through.  If we move the bed I don't know what we will do-  maybe a fancy hotel.  Dream on, Sandy.  

Me in my new kitchen mess.

And enough of that, my sad sob story.  How's 'bout some ahhht?

With the winter months fast approaching, the balaclava is a key piece of kit to keep your face warm, or to rob a bank. 22-year-old Russian tattoo model Teya Salat may not be a thief, but her stylish, animal-themed balaclavas have stolen our hearts and opened our wallets!

In case you've been wondering what Lisa Lou has been up to, here ya go-

It took a village — over 500 people beading, sorting, and arranging under Liza Lou’s watchful eyes and plan — to install “Color Field,” Lou’s new 1,100-square-foot work, on view at the Neuberger Museum of Art in Purchase, New York, from November 8, 2015, through February 21, 2016. This monumental shimmering work is comprised of thousands of blades of grass (small stainless steel wires), arranged in brilliant squares of 30 colors (over 2 million tiny glass beads strung on the wires). The installation took four years; a team of 30 Zulu women artisans in Durban, South Africa; and 500 museum volunteers to assemble.
Although its name seems to pay homage to the original Abstract Expressionist and Color Field painters of the 1950s and ’60s such as Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler, Liza Lou, a MacArthur Fellow, emphasized that the title is meant to be read as more open-ended. “I titled the work Color Field for the obvious associations to both an art movement and the fact that it is indeed a physical field of color. However, I think of the work as a meditation on process as harvest and growth, as well as color as subject matter.”

Sunday night, Spaghetti night and Patriots game.  Don't think I'll last.

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