Wednesday, November 18, 2015

arenaceous annoyance rubin

Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable. 

Worked again all day, my back aches, my shins ache, my nails are all split and broken, and still we are in a mess.  The good part is that the landscaping is proceeding and I think almost done.  Our wall surrounding the yard is all stucco, the grill is in, all systems 'go' and we are waiting for the pool finish.  We had a guy come help assemble stuff yesterday and another one today, big helps hanging giant pictures and assembling heavy furniture I can't even lift myself.  

I ordered a stainless steel work table from a restaurant supply house  and it arrived a few days ago.  It sat unopened in my kitchen until Steve came to help me get it standing.  I ordered a 30x72" table to be 36" high-  that's regular counter height.  We got it all assembled upside down-  sticking legs into flanges on the bottom of the surface, putting bottom shelf on legs, putting big casters on legs, flipping it right side up and we discovered one edge had been completely bent in, and the lip along the bottom edge of the top was also bent down.  And it seemed somehow 'wrong' so I got out the tape measure and the damn thing measures 39" tall, absolutely NOT regulation counter height.  So I need two things-  I need legs that have been cut to the proper height to give me a 36" table, NOT a 36" leg, and I need a new top because this one is clearly damaged beyond any repair I can do.

I contacted the company and BECAUSE THE ORIGINAL PACKING WAS TOSSED OUT I cannot return the table, plus I was told that the legs are OK even though they are not what I ordered.  Seems Steve, my helper go-to handyman is a neatnik and he picked up all the boxes and cardboard on his way out the door.  Gone.  The company offered me a $60 credit to buy something else from them.  That's it. A $500 table that isn't right, and they want me to buy more!  TY and I are talking this over about what to do.  I am SO pissed.  IT looks...and hell.  Makes my pretty kitchen look like a junk store.

I need to change the subject.

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown:
As part of the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art’s annual California Sculpture SLAM, Oakland artist Courtney Brown unveiled this unweildly typing device titled “Self Organization,” that went on to win first place. Brown used a 1938 Underwood typewriter affixed with sculpted bronze tentacles. We can’t wait to read its first book.

As a child, Danish artist Steffen Dam loved poring over his grandparents’ collection of scientific books and cabinets of insects. This fascination of how we catalogue and understand the natural world followed through to his artistic glass career, where Dam creates highly detailed “Cabinets of Curiosities” that mimic oceanic specimens suspended in glass jars and plates. The pieces are usually displayed inside light boxes to better illuminate every minute detail from the fragile tentacles of a jellyfish to a flourish of bubbles that seem to dance around many of his specimens.

Reminiscent of the knitted brain cap the other day, here's a brain Bathing Cap

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