Friday, December 18, 2015

astronomic caruso horsepower

 “Genius is not a possession of the limited few, but exists in some degree in everyone. Where there is natural growth, a full and free play of faculties, genius will manifest itself.” 

Now really.  Don't you wonder who thought a squirrel tea infuser was a grand plan for adding retirement money?  I wonder what The Sharks would think?  From Wikipedia:

The "sharks" often find weaknesses and faults in an entrepreneur's concept, product, or business model.[11] Some of the investors try to soften the impact of rejection, like panel member Corcoran, while others such as O'Leary can be "brutal" and show "no patience even for tales of hardship".[11] Many deals made on the show are never enacted due to the investor's vetting process following the deal, which includes product testing and the examination of the contestants' personal and business financials.[14]
 OK, so much for Squirrel Tea Infusers.  That one I found at Williams Sonoma yesterday, and had to wait for the aisle to clear before taking the picture.  In Other Squirrel News, I have received quite a few Squirrel Christmas Cards from you guys- bet you've been saving them up for months to get at me.  Love them all, thanks!  And Happy Vacation Daze to you too-  something all can celebrate without rancor or mean spirited-ness or PC police pushing in.  

Life is so Happenin' down here in FlaFla Land.  It's hot as hell still, the AC cranks continuously with no end in sight.  There is a slight COLD FRONT coming through tomorrow but the temperatures will only get down to mid 70's, still too warm for Christmas.  Last night we went to a wine tasting, love those nights!  The chef pairs the wines with a fabulous meal, small portions but lots of them and you leave the night feeling stuffed and drunk.  We sat with interesting people and had a great time.  
And I deserved it-  been moving couches and wiping up dog pee (old dog, getting incontinent because of her diabetes, about once ever two weeks).  I hope some day somebody will wipe up after me with the same pleasant attitude I maintain through three (!) overnight walks down the street in my nightgown and fuzzy slippers.  Last night we ventured out at 11:30, 2:30, and then at quarter to 5.  And folks wonder why I'm grumpy.  The Good Part (and I'm stretching to find this, believe me) is that because it's so darn HOT overnight I don't need actual clothes on.  

Some Hot News-  Yesterday I actually got to the studio and peeled back a couple of layers of junk and marched it out to the dumpsters.  I've been piling stuff in there for months and finally I am getting things put away and the place ready to go back to work-  I cannot wait, it's been a year of doing no work other than patching this and false-starting that.  There is still plenty of work...and trips to the dumpster...ahead of me but I am determined to clean it all out to bare minimum and hopefully clear my head a bit.  Wish you all could come grab and run with a few armloads!  But you don't have to do the running part, sit and have some coffee and laugh at my plight.  I won't be offended.

So, let's talk about art.  I've been changing frames on old photos to work on my rogue's wall coming up the stairs.  So many frames aren't made to hang, just sit on a table.  But these---  WOW!

Artist Darryl Cox fuses ornate vintage picture frames with tree branches found in the forests of central Oregon. The branches serve as a simple reminder of the materials used to build picture frames, but also create an unusual form factor where clean lines and ornate moulding patterns seem to naturally traverse the bark of each tree limb. Each piece involves many hours of woodworking, sculpting, and painting.

You can explore many more pieces by Cox on his website

Today I finished my Christmas shopping.  Thanks Amazon, it's out of my hands now and into yours.  

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