Tuesday, December 15, 2015

automate is perforce

Excellence encourages one about life generally; it shows the spiritual wealth of the world.” (George Eliot)

Not sure what the squirrel has to do with the underworld but the blue is pretty.  

Spent this afternoon hanging photographs on the stairwell to the second floor.  So many old pictures can't just be hung on a nail so every one had to be retrofitted or cannibalized for it's frame, or modified in some manner.  Took forever it seems but it's mostly done now.  

I have a few more to hang, just small ones, but need to replace the frames with something cheap and black and with either wires or saw hangers already installed!  

After he stairwell I used some of the more three-dimensional things over my desk.  Can't believe how much territory I covered with this project, and there and more to go.  Hope to get the detritus picked up and hidden away asap so I can move on to getting ready for company next week for the holidays. 

The painters showed up today to do their retouching outside but we searched high  (the ugly scary space above the garage) and low (the bottom drawer of the garage armoire that will no longer open from the weight) and couldn't locate the paint.  Funny how fast the team disappeared when that happened.  

I skipped my SAQA pod meeting today to go to my stitch group, then dealt with staging the old house to get some traffic through.  We rented some box springs and mattresses and the ugliest chair you've ever seen.  This week we will move a couch or two over to the house because our new couch is due on Saturday.  I hope it looks good, but I am having buyers remorse without even seeing it.  TY is upset we won't have 2 couches because he likes to have seating for a football team should one ever stop by.  His idea of looking' good is to have everything arranged around the perimeter of the room.  He has some design classes to finish...  from me (!).  He is a dropout, argues with me constantly about what looks good.  He's always wrong.

Ewwwww.  That will be our next lesson apparently.  Lets talk art:

Korean artist Myung Kuen Koh creates intimate structural sculptures of shifting perceptions. Myung Kuen Koh’s work acts as tiny dreamlands that perfectly suggest a certain non-specific person, place, and/or time. Each piece takes the form of an urban structure — one that seems effortlessly familiar. Perhaps each one is an ode to the past; an old home, the house of an ex lover, a place that was once cherished. Their open movement and intentional distortion possibly hint at the fragility and elusiveness of memory. His images tend to portray two seemingly unrelated subjects: classical sculpture and urban, and often run down, buildings.

Beginning in his early twenties, Gil Batle spent two decades in and out of five California prisons, mostly for fraud and forgery of documents from IDs to checks and credit cards. Now 53 years old, he lives on a small and quiet island in the Philippines, where for the past two years he has been recording his memories of tough prison life on delicate ostrich eggshells. Painstakingly etched, his detailed panels so far spill across 19 eggs that are now on view at Ricco Maresca Gallery in the exhibition Hatched in Prison: The Art of Gil Batle. Each shell, displayed in a bell jar, is devoted to a unique aspect of his incarceration — the daily routines he experienced, the social interactions he observed, and more; together, they narrate a lifestyle of isolation and brutality, memorializing these personal experiences of imprisonment through an object that stands as the very nucleus of life.

One of these days, I hope very soon, I'll take up my perch in the studio again.  

Then, all will be right with the world.

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