Monday, December 28, 2015

planetarium dey parent

Jackson Pollock

See no evil, smell no evil, but hear lots of evil!

OK, time for the Jupiter Florida Christmas Report:  Gorgeous full moon, unseasonably high temperatures, and a Christmas Eve crawl to see the lights.  

We went to three different neighborhoods and this was the one with the most lights on a single house.  They seem to have a problem with editing because there was everything from a creche scene to blow-up reindeer. While we were cruising by at the breakneck speed of 2 mph, the owner was berating a herd of little boys who were punching out the wise men as their parent; were behind their iPhones in amazement.  She told us this is entirely her husband's 'design' and he does it all himself.  He must be unemployed.

The other houses we drove by were calm and serene comparatively, except the one with the working carousel that had larger than life SANTA driving his lit up reindeer in a topsy turvy circle over the top of the house and into the back yard and around again and repeat.  How they can live with Santa dipping back and around like that over and over past the picture window is mind boggling.  Geesh, I don't even light my wreath at the front door!  

My favorite present was from my son who sent me the planet Jupiter

It revolves around all day, all night, powered by magnets and gravity and I sit watching it like a sedated dope for hours!  It's mesmerizing, and certainly better than walking a maze.

AND it leas into these pretty needlepointed planets:
See Jupiter, lower left?  Love these, I may have to start needlepointing again!
Or maybe you could and just send them to me...Photographer Navid Baraty was looking for a new side project and decided to pickup up cross stitching. His current goal is to make the entire solar system with thread and he’s already finished Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto (!), each of which requires anywhere from 20 to 35 different colors. If you’re a stitcher yourself, his different patterns are currently available on Etsy. 

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