Saturday, December 26, 2015

tapa mutandis refract

 One of the many things no one tells you about aging is that it's  such a nice change from being young. Mark Twain

Again, a squirrel supplied by a friend-  thanks, I needed some more squirrels!

Our guests are still here, and it's the day after Christmas.  This morning we went to the Palm Beach Green Market but it didn't feel like it was in full swing yet-  fewer tents and some of the old standbys seemed to be missing.  Nobody was there stirring caldrons or searing ribs and we had an agenda today so really couldn't buy anything-  though TY did sneak in a quart of sweet jalapeños-  my review will follow.  I had one little slice and thought my head was gonna blow off.  After the market we went to brunch at the restaurant that overlooks the excitement, a wonderful bistro that I've always loved.  We had an amazing brunch and headed off in the mist to see Worth Avenue.  My SIL loves 'nice things' so she wanted to go into the Chanel shop, a stop I've never ventured.  In we all trooped while she asked about a specific bag she wanted.  And I amused myself on a side table where I found 2 little clutches, one in iridescent green and one in iridescent purple.  
If the lights woulda gone out I would have grabbed one and run-
I have to take back all the nasty things I've ever said about fancy brands 'cause I now want an iridescent snakey clutch.  TY was so brave-  he found a salesperson to ask about it and each one was $5000 USD.  I'd be unable to choose and would have to have both...  

AND with that the sky opened up and it poured and we sloshed back to the car.  I was very glad I didn't have a Chanel bag I had to try and keep dry-  see?  Everything (auto-correct said OVEREATING!!) happens for a reason.  Thanks for the rainstorm!  And that again ends any high end shopping and I am headed back to HomeGoods.  How appropriate that this just popped up!

Dresses: Val Jackson  UK:  "This body of work explores identity as it develops and changes. I am interested in the ways in which circumstances prevailing during an earlier phase can influence developing identity in the future via conduits such as memory and learned behaviours, whilst an identity of the future can affect the past through activities such as planning, daydreaming and imagination.
This series of pieces utilises layers of identity to produce installations in different depths. As within identity, each layer is different, using a range of methods and media to illuminate the merging of former and developing personas in a variety of ways. Digital stitch, digital print, dressmaking and machine embroidery are combined to produce layers of textile exploring the influence of older and newer identities on each other in different ways."

Posted by one of the 'ton of friends' on Facebook.  Hope some of my real ones see it.

Happy Weekend After Christmas.  May your returns go smoothly and your sales run deep.  I'm staying home to throw stuff out.  No, silly, not to make room for the iridescent Chanel lizard bags, to make room for some psychic energy to get in and permeate my spaces!  I am getting so itchy to get back to work, cannot WAIT for studio time!


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