Friday, December 11, 2015

prevent brothel farnsworth

“One must learn to be grateful for one’s own findings.” 

The perfect device for extracting squirrel juice, avalible to you too at Bed Bath and Beyond. BTW, I was there the other day and bought a car load of stuff and every single thing I got has something wrong with it- things I didn't know when I bought them.  Don't think I'll be going there again any time soon!  Screw their 20% coupons.

Today's Drama is trying to get the old house staged so people can start going through again.  We've shut down some showings because our detritus is still in there and we need another couple of trips to move it out.  But today I worked with a gal from our RE company and she worked with her consignment shop and put together a ridiculous amount of money we must spend to get it done-  I have the list here in front of me and have pared it way down as to what I will spend.  Basically I'm getting some box springs and mattresses and will supply linens.  I'll haul over one of our couches and some art work (remember one thing I have is LOTS of art. OK, so they're quilts so perhaps somebody will like them.  Who knows, stranger things have happened.  Anyway, the deal is that what ever I return after the house sells I get half back.  Still feels like highway robbery since the house didn't sell when all MY PRETTY STUFF was there and everybody loved it.  Can't imagine it will be a go with borrowed cheap stuff.

Back at the hacienda, we now have toilet paper holders and towel racks, yippee!  What a twenty first century improvement this has turned out to be-  we now walk into a bathroom and know immediately where the TP might be hiding- it no longer rolls willy nilly when left alone to roam.  

So to deflect my victimhood I have checked out some cool ceramics and ceramic-like ahht for your perusing pleasures:  I want these things!

Melbourne ceramic artist David Pottinger makes incredible, patterned ceramics that look like marble or mosaics. They are so exquisite that it’s hard to fathom they were made by human hands! 

Hilary Harnischfeger is a well-known artist who has been written about by Roberta Smith and Jerry Saltz. She was born in Melbourne and currently resides in Brooklyn. These works (particularly the first three I’ve included below) resemble fossils, composed of layers compressed over thousands of years.  She uses ceramic, hydrostone, pigment, crushed glass and druzy quartz, with steel supports

I'm gonna push 'publish' now.  Hold on tight.

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