Sunday, December 13, 2015

protrusion swimsuit anita

“Technique is a vehicle.” (Callum Innes)

Sent to me by a friend after a visit to NO  We find this very interesting because it's got a double meaning- is CHIPMUNK the original white meat?  Or is the artist just that dumb?  At any rate, squirrel or chipmunk will never be MY other white meat, so we protest by not buying the teeshirt, only photographing it for this squirrel album!

Against better judgement I bought 2 wreathes for the front gates-  they are meant to look like birchbark logs but are actually rolled up newspapers and some judiciously applied paint.  I hung them up but they look really bare, so off I went to find woodland creatures to hang on them-  they are big wreathes, it took a lot of creatures.  $$$$$
Then it just looked stupid with animal ornaments hanging willy-nilly off the (supposedly) bare branches. SO off I went again to find ribbons to wind around and tie in a Christmas bow.  The ribbon I found was more pale stuff and it didn't help much but it did give me long flapping ends to the tie.
 Then yesterday I was walking the dogs and we came to a vacant lot where someone had dumped a huge pile of evergreen cuttings so I scooped them up and dragged them and the dogs home.  This morning I've been cutting off hunks and sticking them into the wreath-  and hoping they will stay for long enough to call it done.  Finally the things look finished, but sloppy and unthought out. And the dogs are going crazy barking at the bow ends blowing in the wind.  I may have to go back out and trim things a bit.  Sigh.
Next year remind me to just go out like every other wreath-buying human and get one ready to hang.  Put that on your calendar to notify me in time.

A real stopper you can buy at Anthropologie OR DIY by repeatedly stabbing that cork that won't come out.

Surfing around I came across  story about this young woman, 23 and IMHO way too young to get married but that's not my point.  She crocheted her dress-  it's a series of doily patterns joined together  and since it's transparent she is wearing it over a green dress.  OK, right?

THEN, I found another crocheted dress and she too was wearing it over a green dress.  And whammy, another one, and another one!  WHAT is this all about?  WHY green?  Geesh.

Then, in my same wave of surfing, what do I find but FLORIDA postcards, of course, for the honeymoon!
Oh yeah, we're having ball here in Florida, with our poodles.

Here's a perfect honeymoon hotel,

And your airline meal-  looks like this guy is heading for his dessert first.

I am off to change costumes (i.e. taking off the pants with the pine sap all over them) because one of my new neighbors is having a brunch for us to welcome us to this end of the street. This is funny because we have lived here 20 years and moved 2 blocks but so sweet of them to do it to meet some of them we don't know yet.    

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