Tuesday, December 08, 2015

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 “It takes a lot of time to be a genius. You have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing.” (Gertrude Stein)

Imagine my surprise when today Mary Jo, a friend in my stitch group, handed me a pair of socks with A SQUIRREL on them!  These are so cute!  Actually there are two squirrels, one for each ankle...  I had no idea she read this drivel, thought she was one of those people who have more important things on their plates!  Now I like her even more!  (Then we had to 'splain to the other people in the group who didn't get it.)  

We had a couple of big developments today in the hacienda-  first off I was finally able to disconnect the friggin alarm system attached to the doors that go to the pool-  ask my kids and grandkids what a benefit that is to a pleasant life!  The good part is that I can reconnect it when kids will be around but now I can get in and out the door carrying a plate without setting it off-  sounds like a smoke alarm so my ear canals are shredded hearing it twelve times a day!  The cable guy told me which parts of the electronics NOT to touch or it would disconnect, he walked me through the safety issues.  

Next, we now have tv and internet and a phone!  The phone will remain unpublished because the politicians are gearing up their assault but we have to have a land line for our house alarm.  The guys for the new system showed up at 8 AM and were still here at 3 PM but I think all systems are 'go' now and there is a tv for me to watch ID (errr, I mean NatGeo).  

And last but not least, the gates finally arrived!  So I chopped the price tags off the faux birchbark wreathes and tied 'em up while my pal Pepper, the gate-guard,  helped:

Inside, we hung the picture over the front table but I'm not done there yet for Christmas decorating. 
and I see here I need to tape up the cords while I'm under the table plugging things in.  Will do.

OK, Art Time-  thanks for sticking around this long-

FAB ski masks, or balaclavas for those in the know.  Nothing like a giant masked cat coming down the hill at you.

In my final shot today I have a picture of Mister celebrating Chanukah by lighting the play wooden menorah.  He goes to a Jewish preschool and is learning a bit of Hebrew.  I just hope some cute little Jewish girl doesn't break his wee non-secular heart someday...  Happy Holidays!  Season's Greetings!  Merry Christmas!  Go for them all!

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