Monday, December 07, 2015

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"Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful."    — Duane Hanson

Suave Squirrel

My day of rest yesterday was bamboozled by TY saying he really wants to get some friends over to watch the game, so we scrambled around after we called some friends and managed to put together some grilled hamburgers that they all liked-  but they like theirs well done.  Mine was a hockey puck because I want a bit of char on the outside and raw inside.  maybe next time.  Same with the Patriots, 'maybe next time'.  What a disappointment.  But we moved her to have friends over and to do some long overdue entertaining-  I can't complain because I did have fun, just wanted to NOT have fun and get my office squared away!  And some pictures hung.

TODAY I VENTURED TO THE STUDIO.  Don't get too optimistic, I sort of poked my head in, got very depressed at the mess I am in there, stuff stacked everywhere, need more shelves, have to move and shove furniture, and oh boy, do I ever have some sorting to do!  But today I had to arrange with our RE company about what needs to be done to our old house to move it into our memories, then had to get the dogs booked into daycare tomorrow because they are rewiring the house with a new internet, tv, phone package and we hear it takes hours and hours to complete.  The dogs escape the house and bark like crazy so we want them gone for most of the day.  

In the morning I have my stitch group which I've missed for a month now, then meet with the RE lady and then come back to relieve TY babysitting the Hotwire guys.  And he can pick up the dogs!  

Here are some tiny little newspaper shirts for your amusement:

 Dutch multidisciplinary designer Jetty van Wezel uses simple origami folding techniques to create beautiful shirts from newspaper pages printed with iconic images from news headlines around the world.  Van Wezel's "Newshirt" art project is a statement against the disposable, throwaway culture of today's media landscape. "A hasty thing like flipping through the pages of a newspaper is transformed into an urgent moment of concentration." she explains, "The viewer is challenged to see the beauty of common things and and to reinterpret everyday images."

   back in the swing finally!

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