Sunday, January 24, 2016

astronomic courtier venous

 ‘Monk, you and you alone are your refuge. You and you alone are your pathway.’ Buddhist saying

Quite an adventure in Weather here these last few weeks!  It's been very cold, I mean shawl and mittens cold for my poor friend who I build into visiting with a promise of hot tub evenings and dinners out at some of our newer and better restaurants.  Hasn't come to pass as she has had her return flight changed FOUR times and then had her whole trip cancelled, and had to extend her stay by almost 3 whole days.  This wouldn't normally be a problem but she is slated to start a new job tomorrow morning but can't even leave Florida until evening. I feel so badly because she can't enjoy herself with the uncertainty of the return.

TY returned today after his week up in Boston and within an hour his football watching' pals appeared to sprawl out over the house. Much yelling going on, the dogs are upon me wondering what they did wrong and the chicken wings are getting chilly in the kitchen.  Sigh. 

And I art on- wanna join me?

Embroidery artist and jeweler Sam P. Gibson creates a wide variety of hand-stitched illustrations from brains and skulls to lips and typography. Her most detailed works are these awesome stitched eyes.
Cool. eh?

 I recall trying to embroider plants and flowers onto scrap fabric when I was about eight years old, but I was probably in college when I began to use it seriously in my art. I was working with a lot of paper and fabric and plastic bags then, before the leaves, and the embroidery was more of an embellishment, rather than a focal point of the work.  Hillary Waters Fayle    

So, there ya go, a little something from my image vaults!   This week I PROMISE to return to the studio.  I have a book to build thanks to a group I joined to force me to get back to work.  I'll post what I do when it is viewable.  

Some wise words to ponder until you come back again to the Muse!

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