Saturday, January 09, 2016

chomp pusan crockett

Good advice, now I need to just jump back in!

How I am feeling after the holidays.

I've been back to Joannes twice this week to grab cording for pillows and bias for a raw edge of a shawl I cut up for the coffee table-  doing my very best to 'make it work' in Tim Gunn fashion for my living room.  We have a carpet that doesn't work with the new couch so my tact is to make the couch more carpet-y by adding a giant orange and black  leopard pillow.  And making the carpet more couch-y by leaving the orange hassock and adding a former black shawl with a discharge pattern to the coffee table.  I know-  it sounds like a Halloween celebratory room.  Of course all these things take effort and the fact that I need to change the thread in the machine to black and stick on the zipper foot has me paralyzed.

Today I got notice of the Yeiser Art Center call for entries so I am bound and determined to get in gear for that and get an entry in today.  I need to check the inventory for additional things to send rather than just one.   I have also joined a book project, kind of a round robin thing I think, with details to follow,basically making pages for other peoples books and they make pages for me.  I have a bunch of pages ready to go, all gessoed up and covered with pattern papers for a singular effort too.  

Great news, my oldest friend is coming for a few days visit later this month and I am busy finding new fun things to do around here, though she is happy to just go lie on the beach. This is my incentive to get the living room projects in order and not let changing to a zipper foot throw me into a coma.  Joannes is closing at their current location in a few weeks and moving into a Joannes SUPERSTORE a few blocks away and their sales start soon to unload everything.  I wish they would upgrade some quality while they're at it, but they are basically the only game in town.  I stopped at the home dec fabric place I've used for years and they had downsized their space by half and had no cording or decorative trims any more though I did by some end remnants at too-high prices.  They won't be around long.  

So, consequentially, you haven't heard much from me lately.  To make up for it I have an amazing miniature environmental artist here-  these little glass enclosed scenes are to die for!  I'd love to see and study them in person,  

 Micro Matter is Amsterdam-based Rosa de Jong’s ongoing series of tiny precious worlds encased in glass. Miniature handmade skyscrapers, barns, cottages, water towers – even camping tents – sit upon grassy unearthed terrains as if they were floating islands.  Requiring great eyesight and a steady hand Rosa, a freelance designer, art director and animator, uses supplies often seen in hobbyist stores for train collectors and other miniature artists.  She creates all of the tiny elements herself- from the ladders to the power lines, then attaches the minute structures to their bases and mounts them in glass she obtains from lab supply companies. Follow her at rosa de jong (@byrosa) • Instagram photos and videos

Parting shot-  I've been looking at creative solutions to everyday problems when this video crossed my screen.  A Swallow's VERY creative means of going in and out using the electronic eye.  

Moral of this is that there is always a way, it just needs some exploring to figure out!

Have a nice weekend.  

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