Tuesday, January 05, 2016

genesco choirmaster carney

"Unless you try to do something beyond 
what you have already mastered, you will never grow."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hmm, kind of looks like this guy eats chutney.  Odd.  Hope his sticky fingers get wiped before he goes to sit on the couch.

FINALLY it's all over for another year.  We're into Monday and no holidays for awhile, no houseguests for awhile, no big projects left in the house (still lots of little ones though!) and some time to get crackin' in the studio.  EXCEPT I am stuck at home waiting for the electrician who will install landscape lighting.  Acceptable, we really miss having outside lights.  But I can't get out of here until he leaves.

Not a problem EXCEPT that we have tickets to the Symphony at 2 PM, have to leave the house at 1ish to make it to our seats.  So much for viable studio time today.  I will run over and do what I can but damn!   

I have an assignment for you since you must have absolutely nothing to do since you are here reading this...  An interesting article about the old Arts vs Crafts argument as shown in the White Cube gallery in London.  If you hurry you can see it-  it's there through this week.
One interesting thing is the way the quilts were treated-  some hanging from one corner, others arranged on steps overlapping each other- neither 'display' friendly to the medium.  What comes out in the end of the article is a simple fact that many of the objects were credited to men but these men had groups of women do the actual work and assembly.  Read it HERE. Then go wash your face and ponder why in hell things like this matter to us.

You just might be saying WTF right now, but yup, the shark has been jumped-  here's a guy who made his mouth into a pinhole camera.  Geesh.  Pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell takes photographs from an uniquely personalized perspective; from the inside of his mouth. Quinnell‘s images, despite the fact that they are taken from behind a set of teeth, tend to be surrounded by the ordinary. We find ourselves as witness to routine, fun and travel, perhaps adding up to be just the followings of an every day guy. Within this series the viewer finds themselves looking at smiling babies, children’s toys, cocktails, and known monuments from around the world. This series, titled Mouthpiece, is just one of many of his pinhole camera experiments. Each of his works has a vintage and personalized touch, allowing them to stand out and truly feel like a glimpse into the artist’s mind. 
Editorial comment:  IF you want to go there.

So, you want to make your own pinhole camera?  They are a lot of fun and very simple if you can assemble the necessary stuff.  THIS SITE is a good one to start you out.  It's also a great project to do with kids-  attention cub scout packs and brownie leaders! (I was both and know it works for that level and older)

I followed these rules in the new house, still searching for a perfect throw rug for the bathroom, which I will pick up when the grandsons arrive, and OK, I admit it, I will also put down a plastic tarp!  I did get one of those chef-approved thick plastic mats for the kitchen where I stand, but have nearly broken my neck tripping on it so it's covered with a throw rug which doesn't trip me any more because I see it.  But I am thinking the thick plastic thing has to go and instead I will wear sneakers.  Seems like I am doing a whole lot of standing around in the kitchen these days-  LOTS of company!

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