Wednesday, January 13, 2016

chuckle riviera celia

“Genius is the infinite capacity for taking pains.” (Jane Hopkins

And today's Horror-scope-   Leo (July 23–August 22)
This is a period of Picasso-esque prolificity for you, Leo, and you’ll have no trouble cranking out top-quality work at an impressive rate and making good on elaborate plans and projects through the end of the month. Yes, we know, it’s fantastic. But, when the stars are no longer in your favor, you might find this pace impossible to keep up, so try to temper your productivity a little bit. Or, at worst, leave a few finished pieces wrapped up and undated, and start bringing them out when your creative juices run dry.

OK, I'm laughing.  I haven't been back to the studio because yesterday I had the carpenters here taking down doors and retrofitting a lock or two and of course nobody else was around to keep the dog pack off of them.  Today they were back to take the soffits off to make room for the motors that will run the remote screens around the lanai.  Also a guy was here checking on some pavers, the pool guy came to install the controls that run the heat in the hotel.  Today the carpet guys were coming at 8:30 to put the stairway treads down.  By 1 I hadn't heard from them and called and they were 'on their way' and were here by 2.  Also here were the screen guys finishing up demolishing the soffits.  And a painter who was actually walking along the top of my wall pushing a paint roller like a roller skate along the top edge-  this is 8' up, no way in hell I'd ever know it wasn't painted.   Tomorrow I have the guy who installs the blinds coming-  bathroom, loft, and TY's office-  will probably take hours with my luck.  I need a wife to sit here so I can get out and do more fun things than wash dishes and wipe down counters.

I do have some backed up art stuff to show you, hope you like these things:


I suppose they are the same thing as needlepoint canvas, just bigger!  South African designer Danielle Clough has very cleverly used the strings of badminton and tennis racquets as a canvas upon which to embroider beautifully detailed flowers of all different types. The use of the medium, however, caused the artist to humorously pose the question, “Does this count as being interested in sport?”

What to do with all those old wooden spools where the thread has gone bad-

 Explore Bob Pitts's board "Carving-Spools/Bobbin" on Pinterest, or look at the spools here-  an amazing collection with many more themes available. 

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