Sunday, January 17, 2016

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“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” John Cleese

relics of defunct Coney Island 'games of skill', step right up!

Look ma, no squirrels!

It's been scary these last few days with the very changeable weather but it looks to be finally improving. The worst was Friday when the phone and tv alerts went off telling us to immediately shelter in place because tornados were upon us.  We don't get tornados around here though I did hear of one up near the GA border a while ago that never touched down.  Facebook lit up with us south Floridians sheltering.  Within a half hour it was over.  Yesterday was spectacularly beautiful,as was today but today was so windy it was tough walking.  The coming week should improve back to more normal.  What a shame for all the people visiting over the long weekend.  But hey, even this was better than dealing with snow and cold.

Enough weather report, how 'bout we segue into household tips?   We again had guests which meant shopping cooking cleaning, repeat.  And my weekend was gone.  My 'adventure' yesterday was buying 2 new pairs of jeans at the mall, coming home to find that one of the sensors wasn't removed- of course on the white jeans.  I decided to tackle it myself so went at it with screwdrivers and wire clippers until the dye pack busted and I got a 2" blob of deep blue on the pants along with various (blue) blood splatter (as they say on ID channel).    At that point I hit the internet because I just knew somebody has done this before me, and sure enough there were complete directions on how to burn off the top of the plastic thingy and then the little bebe shot balls come out followed by the thing that releases the dye.  Perfect.  I already had gone beyond that so started googling on how to remove the dye as I still pulled and chipped away at the plastic thing.  Seems that alcohol is the best shot but I found a list of about 20 steps to try.  I soaked the spot in GooGone because it's done a great job of dryer-melted lipstick on all my clothes. It worked a good bit, but the alcohol this morning did the rest.  I then washed and dried it and if I look really hard I can find a faint blue cast, but no one will notice.  

The bottom line is suck it up and go back to the store-  believe it or not I did NOT steal them and this isn't a notice for you to go grab a pair either.  I spent about 6 hours in total working on getting out the dye, I could have gotten back to Bloomingdales, had it removed, and been home in one hour.  

The Good News is I am having a friend come down to bask in the sun for a few days.  Tomorrow I'll arrange a dinner with a few additional women so two sides of my life will meet up-  should be a fun week.  This is my opportunity to do a bunch of things I have put off doing for fun.
First order of business is to rent this vehicle.

Haven't been back to the studio since I discovered the damaged quilts-  guess I will have to face it sometime.  And I want to start cutting on them for the rescue dogs soon.   See?  This blog really IS about quilts!

Girl with the Squirrel Earring.   Hahahhahahahahhhah

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