Friday, February 26, 2016

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“Turn and face the strange,
Oh look out now you rock and rollers,

Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older.” (David Bowie)

Today I finally slid out a friend's house where she is explaining resin me.  She has all the equipment and supplies and I am dying to start pouring stuff, adding glitter, and basically making a mess that is stickier than my usual!  She packed me off with some books to read about the products and some phamplets falloff ideas and I can't wait to get my hands in it.  

Have 6 people coming for dinner tonight with their 2 dogs so things around here are getting frantic.  When we OKed the dogs it was 75 degrees at night and we figured they could romp around us outside while we grilled and ate out there.  Well today didn't top 50 and I don't think my two would stand for being isolated outside with 'stranger dogs' while we eat INside.  Trying desperate;y to get TY to call and dis-invite the dog part of the entourage.  Meanwhile I have been amassing another extravaganza of food and excess.  It SEEMS simple until it becomes apparent I made it all-  hoomis, fatuous salad, baba, kofta kabab as well as chicken kabob in case somebody won't eat lamb,  mahurrumumumumummmm....  Damn, can never get that name out-  it's a red pepper and walnut dip, part of extensive mezza table.  TY went to get some basterma and baklava because he know that would be my next project.  I just finished making pistachio paste which gets worked into ice cream and that's ready.  He doesn't trust me, knows I have never been to Beirut but then neither has he- he just has the genetic propensity for this stuff.  No problem, I will eat it all myself.  

Time to feed the canine companions and wipe down the kitchen and I just may put on real shoes tonight, we'll see,  Will report back after with dinner results.

Meanwhile, some art to ponder!  
Marie-José Danzon , a French-born textile artist living in Montreal,  makes “Log Cabin” quilts. With the appearance of thickly painted abstracts the surface construction/piecing  of these works are not instantly recognizable as being log cabin squares. With viewing time, the log cabin squares become apparent.  It is at this point that the skill of this quilter becomes mesmerizing.  Her use of solids, geometric and image-based patterned textile in complimentary, contrasting and completely non-related colors is extraordinary.

Hilary Harnischfeger makes sculptures that read like paintings.  Materials play into this reading as well. Harnischfeger's primary medium is clear resin, into which she casts an array of glitter and sequins, fake pearls and other doodads, in a process that's analogous to pigment suspended in an oil-based medium. The only thing that's missing is the canvas.
Harnischfeger spent a formative part of her childhood in Japan, . Surrounded by Japanese art and artifacts while growing up stateside, her work is informed with Asian aesthetic traditions. Target (all works are 2001) is a landscape of waterfalls and rocks that runs down the wall like an Asian landscape on a silk scroll. However, the rocks are bright silver and the predominant colors are pink and red, hardly earth tones. Harnischfeger's materials remind one of such techniques as enameling, ceramic glazing and inlay. Her work is hard and shiny and colorful, qualities more associated with decorative arts, such as bowls, plates, vases and furniture, than with the representational. In a way, Harnischfeger is bringing the two together; Target takes its title from a small target-patterned "rock," about two-thirds of the way down, that suggests cloisonné enamel work.

Resin.  Get it?  This is why I am SO excited to experiment with this stuff. But first, back to dinner-  I just heard that the doggies DIS invited themselves.  Their mama doesn't want them to be cold.  Most problems take care of themselves eventually.   heh heh

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Deanna said...

I wish I'd had dinner at your house last night. Sounds delish. Those abstract quilts are amazing!