Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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“One sees clearly only with the heart that is essentially invisible to the eyes.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 

I know you're saying to yourself that you must be on the wrong blog now, because, ohmigawd, we are back to squirrels again. Yeah, I am still working my way through the stacks and this one is such a classic I can't stop just yet.  If you like squirrel antics stick around.  If you don't like squirrels then you're in the wrong place anyway.  Even if you don't, you gotta admit they are a somewhat ridiculous animal.  And sometimes really cute.  

A Entertainment Celebrating Pho Easter. 
I do, however, celebrate the rabbit and the egg and the daffodil and the snail and the robin nests and the rain and flying kites and not wearing a heavy coat.  And lambs.  And I love renewal and faith in those little green shoots appearing again and moonbeams and mud puddles and spring cleaning.  I just don't need anybody telling me what to take my joy in.  Thank you Steve.

So, let's get to some art, K?  We'll start with building these floats in the Netherlands:

In Zundert, in the South of the Netherlands, they are crazy about their flower parade. Their grannies and granddads started it in 1936 and they still can’t get enough of it. By the First Sunday of September the fever burns throughout the town:. Will the moving floats be finished in time? Are there enough dahlias? And who is going to win this time? Come to Zundert and share the experience!

And now, as they say, Time for Something Completely Different:

Ana Hell is a photographer with a unique talent I've never seen before… she has the ability to turn people into creatures. Some are friendly, some are creepy but all make you take a step back like, whoa! Hell enjoys deconstructing everyday ordinary things in order to highlight unique perspectives you'd never notice otherwise. As a result, her artwork is life changing, sparking room for new thoughts to take shape. "Secret Friends" is one of her most powerful photo projects to date, in which Hell draws faces on peoples' backs and then positions them just so. Suddenly, her subjects don't look like humans at all, but instead appear like odd little creatures from a distant planet. Hell writes, "My project 'Secret Friends' are about playmates, reflections, villains, strange and wonderful creatures from another world, the kind that children create when they're alone."
And with that, I guess I will toddle off into the sunset today, still some time for studio work.  Still some time to go through a shelf of stuff and downsize.  Still some time to bind off another dog blanket from one of my unsold quilts.  Sigh.  And of course still time to make another friggin' Tuesday night dinner.  

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