Sunday, February 21, 2016

iliad amethystine pooh

“A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children.” (John James Audubon)

Hey, that's what happens after 2 days in the studio.  Granted yesterday was a set stay but I got to work on a third page for the book collaboration.  This one has be pissy because the directions were so explicit so of course I am being bad and trying my bet to spring out of the cage I seem to be in.  We'll see. Anyway, I got a start.  As soon as I finish this I am headed back in-  the computer in the studio is wonky and I can't get where I want to go.

So, Rat a tat!

I sincerely hope that their engineer/architect/lawyer dads have found a way to explain this to their friends.  You arty quilters think you have problems defending what you do in those elevators-  imagine juggling!  And these guys are really good!  This is how Penn Jillett started so maybe there is a future.

On Friday I had a dentist appointment, an hour of the hygienist scraping away at my tooth roots and injecting antibiotics in 'pockets' down deep inside there.  Awful.  Was feeling sorry for myself and headed out to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a few necessities,  a left hand turn out of the dentist's mall.  Well, if I would have taken the usual right hand turn I would have seen a lady get killed in a massive traffic accident caused by a hot head in a white pickup truck going way too fast.  As it was, allI saw were the flashing red lights and blasting horns. Now every time I use my new water pick I will have to think of the poor dead lady.  I just found out what happened this morning, knew I was happy to turn left and avoid an accident.
I have some new images ready to go in the continuing desktop clean-off.  These are related to the color books I posted the other day but I never tire of color and categorizing and making things come full circle.  Mary Beth I SO understand your Virgo tendencies-  I am on the cusp and seem to also have compulsions to make everything fit in it's little slot...

 Thousands of pigments fill glass vials below the slatted wood ceilings of the new concept Pigment, an art supply laboratory and store that just opened in Tokyo by company Warehouse TERRADA. The store design was created by architect Kengo Kuma, utilizing bamboo and large open spaces to create a sense of unity with the outdoors and spark the imagination of those who enter.

The Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies at Harvard Art Museums is different than many other departments of its kind—its visible to the public. The public can witness conservators at work as well as view 2,500 pigment samples placed in tincture bottles and housed behind tall glass cabinets. The Forbes pigment collection was started by its namesake—Straus Center founder and former Fogg Art Museum Director Edward Forbes who began the collection at the turn of the 20th century. Forbes would collect his samples from his travels all over the world, bringing back pigments from excavated sites at Pompeii to rare lapis lazuli found in Afghanistan.

Maybe I haven't paid enough attention to the bible...  oh well.  I've got the Keurig when all else fails.

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