Thursday, March 31, 2016

katowice andover grosset

Abraham Lincoln said, 
"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."

what can I say?   

 Another internet coup yesterday.   Last weekend a couple arrived here that knew TY back in high school in MA, so we invited them for lunch, Cuban sandwiches and Arnold Palmers naturally!  As soon as the woman, whom I had never met, entered she told me I MUST know this woman,  and it so happens I am 'friends' with a gal I didn't know on Facebook.  I did know she is near me here in the vast quilt wasteland I inhabit so yesterday I found her and invited her to the studio to chat.  Turns out I liked her a bunch and we went out to lunch yakking all the way.  It will be great to have somebody to drag along to quilty things once in awhile.  

So, I was actually in the studio again, though not for long.  I had hoped to do another one of my 106 blouses in my quest to use up as much fabric as I possibly can.  I found some old Merimekko linen that I cut out, gray with giant purple grape leaf centered smack on my chest.  The one on the back piece sort of slides off the edge.  I think I want to appliqué another leaf or two that will fray in the wash just o balance the overwhelming pattern.  This is all stuff I bought from the C&B outlet when they sold off their display fabrics.  Then, as I was leaving the shelf I noticed I had hunks of the same fabric in a different color way-  dark orange with green/brown leaves.  I just may do another one while I'm at it.  

This is all a halfhearted attempt to keep on sewing without making anything until I get that whack on my head that needs EXPRESSING.  Other than the creative project of cutting up my old quilts for the blanket-less doggies.  I am putting a tag on the back with the Jack Kerouac quote:  "If you own a rug, you own too much."  I hope some of the dogs can read.

I found two videos on Why Man Creates and thought they are good food-for-thought if you're interested.  One today, one tomorrow-  both are about 12 minutes long.  Have fun:

I have a couple of more animal pictures for you today going along with the baby squirrel above:

Massachusetts Mama Duck and family:

Florida Mama and Family:

Cute eh?
No????  Whazzamatter wit you?

I have a couple of races coming up-  Oh no, I do NOT race, or heck, even walk if I can avoid it.  But I DO send money and support these three things this month:

My daughter is walking in the MA walk to find a cure for MS this weekend.

Hmm, I guess I contributed to the Jimmy Fund-  the Pan Mass Challenge is in a couple of months-  give money to both!

If you do nothing else, support the Chimp Refuge!  This is an amazing place wherechimps who have spent their lives in cages for research are set free to live out their days in chimpy heaven.  They don't do tours or have visitors so they aren't perceived as a zoo, but this race goes around the perimeter of the place so you might see one or two if you're lucky.

OK, I'm outta here, going to go sew.  You too-  get busy!

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