Tuesday, March 29, 2016

accept drizzly arsenate

“It does not distract the attention or check the powers of the imagination. It forms a ready resource when a vacuity occurs in conversation; it impairs neither body nor mind, and requires no straining of the eyesight. It may be interrupted without loss, and again resumed without trouble. The whole apparatus is so cheap, needs little room, and is so light that it can be kept and gracefully carried about in a basket, the beauty of which displays the expertness and taste of the fair worker.” Weldon’s Practical Knitting

Squirrels like to knit too.  I just know it.

Last year I bought a cartload of yarn made from over-dyed old saris-  a beautiful green-to-turquoise color.  i promptly started a little jacket that grew into a ridiculous long whole giant coat.  After it took up too much room wherever I stuck it, I decided to re-make it so spent three days Unknitting and rolling it back into balls.  During this time I discovered I needed a small knitting bag instead of a useless coat so here you go:  in progress

 and with handles 
finished and reinforced.  Trouble is the the only tape I had on hand was white SO it's on the way to the studio so I can paint it something less obvious.

So, see?  I do make stuff-  it's just that none of it matters much.

So, heading out to my Stitch group this morning I had my phone with me and jumped out of the car to catch one of the two bougainvillea trees at my driveway.  They are in full flower now and unbelievable color-  the blossoms start out as rust colored, move on to bright orange, an then open as a beautiful pink.  Ugly colors separately but together but in a mass, amazing!

In other projects, I find I do circles, most probably to counteract the angles and boxy shape of this new house.  First there is my wee succulent garden, started with some of the tiny plants from Jackie and Nate's wedding four years ago~

And my well tended rubber-band ball has a new highlighted position in the kitchen~

And finally, my true love is coming out in my obsession over my silver spray paint!  First, my gazing ball from the yard that had lost all it's mercury glass look as it piled off in my hands.  New silver, back to a place under a triple tree trunk where it's protected from rolling into the pool~

And since I have all these paint cans (!)  I have also added to my dinosaur collection and made 'em shiny.  Some of these dinos are obsolete, just like some of US dinos.  Some day you might see me painted silver to 'freshen up'.  Stay tuned~

OK, I'm done for today.  We're waiting for a storm to be forecast so I will know if I can make it to my meeting down in Palm Beach tonight-  Last thing I want it to be caught in another storm bringing 6" more of water!  Fingers crossed-  i really want to go!

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