Saturday, March 05, 2016

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“Art is, after all, only a trace — like a footprint which shows that one has walked bravely and in great happiness.” (Robert Henri)

Let the Teathered Squirrel speak for you!

MLS Number 71967086
Imagine my surprise when a friend sent me this house listing-  this was our old house in Wellesley on the market again after 16 years.  I immediately notified my kids who immediately notified all their friends from elementary school to meet them at the Open House this weekend!  The real estate brokers are gonna think there is buried treasure in the yard!  Wish I could be there, I so loved this place  
Here's the original kitchen I put in 30 years ago with my beloved Garland stove.  looks like they have added a backsplash and taken out a grill.  That is my dad's butcher block he kept for me since I was a teenager.  He talked a Buffalo butcher out of it and kept it until we bought the house, then delivered it in a truck.  We couldn't take it with us when we moved, no room.  Nice to know it's still around.  Sigh.  And that is that.  Nice to see it's still standing.

Still dealing with books around here, today it's books-as-furniture:

Designed by Belgian industrial designer Jens Praet these sleek and textured furniture pieces are constructed from shredded magazines and documents mixed with clear resin. Each of the 12 pieces was made solely from a different magazine including publications like Art in America, Details, and Fast Company. 

When I think of furniture made from books the first word that comes to mind is uncomfortable, however this hefty chair entitled Bench of Thoughts (Banco del Pensamiento) made of recycled books by Alvaro Tamarit actually looks pretty darn comfy. The heft of the chair also matches the price, however this is certainly more of an art piece than something to eat your bagel and coffee in the morning.  Also see the Book Reference Desk, above.

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