Saturday, March 12, 2016

rasa postscript crestview

“He has not learned the lesson of life 
who does not every day surmount a fear.” 

A Squirrel Sconce
(looks like he is peeing... and has a lightbulb trach)

Well, life has again hindered my inspired creative path (ha!) by giving me tasks every day that wear me out or take the day or interfere with dog care-and-feeding.  I'm still needed here in the house to let in workmen or check on their progress so I am kind of tethered these days.  Latest kink is picking up the giant ceramic landscape balls from the old house and getting them in the car and then rolled or pushed into their places around the pool.  I have two done but need a hefty guy for the third one, cannot lift it at all.  The glass gazing ball has been fine for years in it's old courtyard but when I went to grab it, the silver was all bubbled inside.  There's a sharp edged opening about the size of my forearm and I had to give up and use tool handles to scrape out the remaining silver.  Today I take it over to the studio and use more of my silver spray paint to HOPEFULLY 'antique' the glass.  Either that or just settle for a coat of silver paint.  Internet directions say to sprinkle water on the surface and then spray so the water acts as resist.  That will be my first try.  Will report.

In other parts of my 'crafty' world, I haven't had time to mess with the resin, haven't had time to quilt the quilt, DID have time to unravel the entire green knee length coat I knit of recycled Indian saris-  now a small portion is going toward a knitted knitting bag-  another photo op that I really am doing something, just not much.  

Since I posted that my old house in Wellesley was again on the market after 16 years, things have popped.  My daughter went to the open house to see it again after all this time and found out it sold the night before it's first showing.  She met the people in there now, and the new buyers and they all had a party with her showing all the secret hiding places and special memories to the new little kids moving in.  She loved how the old place looked-  wish I could have seen it too.

Let's see what I can find today that is cool-  I'm still fixated on books and what folks find to do with them:

Argentinian conceptual artist Marta Minujin has constructed this massive tower of books at Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires in reference to UNESCO’s recent nomination of the city as the World Book Capital in 2011. The myriad books were donated by libraries, readers, and over 50 embassies around the world and the structure can be climbed through 

It’s become a fairly common sight: boxes of discarded books, abandoned on the sidewalk. As the onset of digital publishing brings reading material to handheld devices, physical books have become less important. Struck by scenes of shuttered bookstores and books rendered as garbage, San Francisco-based artist Alexis Arnold embarked on her Crystallized Books project.

By combining borax crystals with weathered books, magazines and computer manuals Arnold grows them into wonderfully organic forms that become artifacts or geological specimens. “The books, frozen with crystal growth, have become… imbued with the history of time, use, and nostalgia,” says Arnold. In selecting books to turn into aesthetic, non-functional objects Arnold revealed that she tries to use found books. But she will sometimes purchase titles, or use books from her own library if she finds them conceptually appropriate. 

So, now I'm going to go take some pictures---

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