Wednesday, April 27, 2016

babbitt albania drank

"I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them."     ~Adlai Stevenson~ 

Not me.  I was busy all day up in the maple tree.  I didn't do it.  Really.

Well you might notice I've been messing with things here, cleaning house and rearranging chotzkes.  I am using a new banner and tweaked the name a tad.  Also some of the colors and fonts have changed but I go bored at that point and shut it down.  

And the last of the stuff from the old house has arrived in my garage.  If I were really lucky somebody would just come in a nd steal it-  bring 4 guys, the damn ugly brown leather couch TY won't dump is HEAVVVEEE.  (I'll carry the cushions!  If you call your thievery ahead I'll call the gate and let you in.  

Yesterday I was also hauling stuff out of the old place, this time by myself though, taking one Mini's worth at a time so it was slow going.  Long day all over, One of my friends was having back trouble so I was hr driver and purse carrier for her doctor appointments and I got to read a whole new class of magazines-  I was hoping to help again today  and get to the Smithsonian lying there but she is better now and wanting to drive herself.  I need a better class of doctor for better magazines-  I really don't like Better Homes and Gardens or Prevention.  And, to top it all off TY needed to take his car back to the dealer for a new radiator and long list of stuff so I had to follow him to the lawyer's office to sign papers for the house sale, then race after him to the car place, of course by then in the traffic.  Leftovers for dinner.  

SO, not much use for this lately:
Maybe some art stuff will make up for not sewing, or even glueing!  Once I get this house stuff behind me perhaps I will be able to get back into it-  find my Muse, so to speak.

Louise Zhang's Slosh Samples look like floating paintings, three-dimensional depictions of 2D abstract work. The bottles contain brightly colored fluids that separate and congeal, containing everything from polymer clay to flubber. At first one is delighted by the bubblegum colors that fill the vessels, yet after a quick inspection the grotesque nature of what lurks inside is easily revealed.  contents:  SLOSH SAMPLES #1 2014 flubber, pva glue, acrylic, oil paint, resin plastics, polymer balls, polymer clay, pigment, water, varnish, 100ml serum vials.

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