Sunday, April 24, 2016

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"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians."   ~Charles de Gaulle~ 

Scurry for your Lives!

Haven't been to the studio 2 days because my niece is here from across the state. I love it when she comes, low maintenance, cheerful, eats everything and is happy to just hang out. I guess she's just glad to be out of the dorm for a few days.  Whatever, I enjoy her.  Today we went to Busch Wildlife Refuge across from my studio, haven't been there for a long time and they have some new displays and cool animals.  There are now three Florida panthers, they say there aren't even 100 in the wild any longer.  They have had a breeding program with a genetically similar cougar from Texas that seems to be successful.  These things are HUGE, all three in the refuge were being raised as pets before being rescued, and were declawed so there is no chance they will ever be released.

Unfortunately my phone was left at home to charge since I had the foresight to plug it in the night before...But hold on folks,  I was sent by the lady in the gift shop to YouTube to see the release video.  Might keep you busy for three minutes-  call the kids!

And now o touch on art bizniz instead of fuzzy animals'

Carole Seborovski:  in the mid-1980s she was a geometric artist working on paper with a restrained palette. Ever since, she changed and expanded her approach, moving away from flat or layered surfaces toward what she calls mixed media paintings. Around 1990, she turned away from geometry toward sexual forms, most likely inspired by Eva Hesse, whose aggressively sexual “Ringaround Rose” (1965) seems particularly relevant. 

Finally, a set of amazing beaded fish from Cindy Walker.  Such detail!  I want the whole set! 

And now it's time to get on with my Sunday.  We took our niece out to breakfast with the dogs this morning, I am sitting here feeling like I've been fattened up for the kill, don't care if I eat again until tomorrow but I sure love my Sunday grits!

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