Sunday, April 17, 2016

berenices rev radiochemical

"Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, 
it might be better to change the locks."   
~Doug Larson~ 

A midnight marauder with cartoon feet hit us last night-  we got up to find this sticky guy climbing the GLASS door without any problem.  I took the picture, left the room, came back through in one minute and he was gone.  Eventually I found him sitting on the patio under the table and acting a bit weird-  am thinking he fell off and was kind of stunned, but who knows...   my first frog of the season, though I'have seen lots of toads so far. 

In the studio yesterday to finish u[ the latest page for the collaborative books project.  Actually i am a month ahead but will send out tomorrow.  This was made for a woman who wanted 'nature' as her theme.  I had a 3 color lino print I made a long time ago but to make it work I cut out the different pieces an collaged them over several pieces of descriptive fabrics, with batiks.  I used a dotted print for the high sky to look like stars, and a leafy print to be jungly background.  Several additional tiny pieces of paper from the original print were added here and there.  Next it was backed by  
a pre-quilted fabric sample from the deepest stash recesses:

and a little note was printed over:  "Remember on the darkest night you can see the stars!"  Hope she likes it for her book.  My own is getting fuller as we progress, but so far I don't see any cohesion-  I may have to add a bunch of my own pages to make it a viable book!  We'll see, I have many pages yet to go!

Now for something pretty spectacular! 

Jasmine Sian:  Creating delicate floral works on paper through painstaking handwork, the formal characteristics of Sian's pieces are often more similar to lace embroidery than conventional drawing. Working on an intimate scale, Sian combines exacting renderings of flora and fauna with intricately hand-cut decorative patterns. 
The beauty and quiet emotion of Sian's drawings belie the technical difficulty in their creation. Working in quadrants, Sian maps a general shape for her garlands to allow for a format to work within. She then pencils a drawing in one area of her paper and later folds the surface to obtain the desired symmetry. 
Sian's drawings are infused by the environments in which they are created. During warm weather months, Sian visits parks and gardens throughout New York City and begins her drawings in the moment, marking directly onto thin brown paper deli bags. This immediacy creates a vibrancy in the work that counter-balances its fragility. The in-painting and cutting of the paper occurs during the winter, often featuring a dark palate to match the moody skies. 

Shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame-  What's wrong with this picture I lifted off a catalog ad for preppy clothes worn by all these 'fun' folks:

Let's just call it a Faux-toe-shop Fail-  find the error....
tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock
give up?
Both girls seem to have lost their lower legs, yet they are still dancing' up there on the track back which must have some sort of false platform because they are way too high to actually be dancing' IN the truck bed, most likely they are simply paraplegics tied in place to the top... What might be an alt theory?

I gotta go, need to find stamps and turn the pork belly her and figure out why this outer isn't syncing with my phone any more.  I certainly will not call a 
Faux-toe-shopper to figure it out.

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